What is the meaning of top incl in sap terminology?

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Content provided by Ramona Maxwell - please visit www.sqlsolver.com: TOP is a T-SQL operator that returns the top x number of rows in a query. It can be used along with a where clause, say for instance to find the TOP group WHERE the date is within a specified range. SAP is a database neutral application platform that natively uses the limited set of Open SQL commands and also supports specific SQL implementations such as Microsoft's SQL Server. Thus you could execute your Microsoft®, Oracle® or other SQL query within the SAP® environment using the EXEC SQL command, however you should debug your query first within the database management system you created it in because SAP will not provide error information to you if the query is not running correctly.
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SAP CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool/solution designed by SAP that integrates all the functions of an enterprise with real time data update.. Hope this helps..

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There are hundreds of meanings, I am going to put my version. - . Systems and Programming . -You will get many more answers if you mention the context this acronym is u