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The word transponder is a combination of transmitter and responder. It is generally defined as a device which transmits a signal upon receiving a signal. It may be used as a beacon, as a signal repeater, an identification device, or any of numerous other uses.
Please see the Wikipedia for an overview of the concept.
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How does transponder work?

"An automatic device that transmits a predetermined message in response to a predefined received signal.   * A receiver-transmitter that will generate a reply signal upon p

What is a transponder key?

  A "Transponder Key" refers to the key you use to start your car. The bulky black part of your key contains a "Transponder Chip". It is a computer chip that contains a co

Who can program transponder keys?

This is not for the rule abiding, uptight individual, so as far as the rest of the world goes.. if you have one key to your transponder key vehicle. Simply take the key hide i

When is a mode c transponder required?

When in class C, B or A airspace, above 10,000 feet or within any 30 nm radius Mode C veil such as the one centered on KORD in Chicago. There are some limited exceptions - se

What is rfid transponder?

  RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Basically it's a small radio that's sitting there listening. When another radio sends out the message"who are you" the tr

What is satellite transponder?

It is an electronic device on board a geostat satellite to receive uplink data and picture bits,amplifying it before converting it to a downlink freqency bit stream and sendin

How to fix a transponder?

An aircraft transponder signals position and (usually) altitude too to ground controllers. A nonfunctional transponder can be removed from its mount with an Allen key and se

How do radar transponders work?

It works by sending out a continuous data signal, identifying the aircraft. This is picked up by equipment at the control tower and overlaid onto the radar screen. The data sh

What do transponders on aircrafts do?

They do a few different things these days but their primary role is that of radar. The use of radar that flies from a station, hits the aircraft and bounces back to the statio

What do you mean by transponder?

That rather depends in which context you mean ! When I first saw this question - the transponder I immediately thought of - is the kind that's built-in to an aircraft. An airc