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What is the metal formerly used in plumbing?

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That would probably be lead that you're thinking about.
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How is the plumbing useful?

plumbing is most useful for our home, because we need to make water supply in different part of a home like kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc. To supply the water at required plac

What metal is used to make plumbing pipes?

In the last few decades, most plumbing in the UK has been installed with copper pipes. The word 'plumbing' comes from the Latin 'plumbum', meaning lead, which is what the Roma

How is 'formerly' used in a sentence?

The much talented rock star formerly known as Prince once again has broken through preconceived boundaries by presenting cataloguers and indexers worldwide with the challenge

How do you remove rust from metal plumbing pipes?

  On the inside? Your only hope is just flushing the system; find one ball valve, sweat or threaded, with a hose cap on the bottom. Attach a garden hose to it. Find anothe

What is the use of a plumb bob in plumbing?

The plumb bob is useful in establishing vertical for a wall in  construction or a doorjamb when hanging a door. It can indicate  whether a flue is running true vertical or v

What is a sentence using the word formerly?

Woodrow Wilson endorsed the entry of the US into World War I, although formerly he had opposed it. The store owner hired the designer who was formerly employed by a rival st

Can RV plumbing be used for a shed plumbing?

The RV plumbing system depends on two external forces, one to bring water into the rig (fresh water) and one to remove the waste (sewer). It's this system that really makes RV

Why are you use plumbing?

Plumbing in simple word we can say , it is used to prevent leakages  in pipe or sink, wash basins, Shower.It is performing very high  task in Building maintenance and avoid