What is the most efficient airflow for a garage heater?

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Heat rises so a bottom supply will work best.
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What are the most efficient gas water heaters?

Tankless. A tankless heater heats the water as you use it. It doesn't store hot water and keep it hot day and night whether any is used or not. The water is heated almost instantaneously, and the heater will keep the hot water flowing as long as the water is turned on.

Which are the most fuel efficient cars?

The most efficient SUV is the mercury Seattle at 56 MPG :) ---- Volkswagen makes an L3 Lupo that advertises 78 MPG. Hydrogen-powered cars such as the Honda FCX Clarity and the H2 Mazda Rx8 dont even use petrol.

What is the most fuel efficient speed?

I have found that for my Scion Tc the most efficient speed is 57 - 61 mpg. If I speed up slowly, slow down by coasting, and set my cruise control on while driving on the highway I can get well over the estimated 30 mpg.. Like most things fuel efficiency depends on the vehicle. But somewhere between (MORE)

Who makes the most efficient laser kerosene heater?

There are 2 major manufacturarers in Japan . 1. Corona Corporation (www.corona.co.jp) . 2. Toyostove (www.zibro.com) . Both have excellent laser kerosine heaters , some people prefer Toyostove other prefer Corona.

What the most energy efficient type of electric heater?

They say that E-heaters are a good value--convection heaters that mount to the wall.. They're actually called ECONO HEAT. I've heard good things about them but haven't tried one myself. I understand that proper mounting (right height, inside wall) makes a difference.. They have a website-- http:// (MORE)

Are Micathermic electric heaters efficient?


What is the most cost efficient portable heater for home use?

The cost efficiency of a heater depends on a number of factors.First, what do you want to heat and where do you want to heat it? If you want to heat a one person working in a large warehouse oroffice it is probably most cost efficient to use a radiant heateror infrared heater that can be directed at (MORE)

Is edenpure a efficient electric space heater?

Efficient, yes. But a poor choice for a heater. It's just a marketing gimmick. Every electric heater is nearly 100 percent efficient. Efficiency is a term not understood by many. Energy efficiency - useful work per quantity of energy. In other words, What is the job of an electric heater? To m (MORE)

How efficient are vent-less gas heaters?

Unbelievably efficient. I have been using them since 1995. I have purchased more than 20. They are 99.9 percent efficient, which is why they don't need a vent. A 15,000 BTU Unit (that has 3 plates) uses less than a dollar an hour worth of propane and probably something on the the order of 70 cents (MORE)

Are electric baseboard heaters efficient?

Amps and Watts measure different things. An Amp is a measure of electrical current and a Watt is a measure of Power. Which ever device draws the higher amperage will be the one that uses more electricity! Hence the 240 watt heater draw less amps even though it uses more watts: Volts Watts/Elec (MORE)

Which heater is more efficient 220 or 110?

Neither, both heaters of the same size will use the same wattage which is how your electric bill is calculated. Added; Theoretical power consumption wise, 110 or 220 are the same. From the electric meters point of view, it takes the highest load of the two legs (110 neutral 110) and charges the g (MORE)

Is an electric hot water heater 100 percent efficient?

No, but close to it. In regards to just the heating of the water, Tank-type, and tank-less, electric water heaters are about 99% efficient* because the heating elements are immersed in water, and little energy is wasted between heat source and water. However, all tank-type water heaters loose (MORE)

Which is most efficient data structure?

Arrays are the most efficient data structure. Memory is allocatedto the entire array as a single operation and the total memoryconsumed is equal to the product of the element size and the numberof elements (all elements being of equal size, in bytes). Thismeans that any element in the array can be a (MORE)

What is the most energy efficient color?

White and pale green . Pastel colors tend to have more solar reflecting ability due to the amount of cloraplitic content. Because of this material, most people have white roofs if looking for a way to balance energy. I mean, who hasn't heard of the absorbing black and the reflecting white. Lighter c (MORE)

What is the most common garage flooring?

Due to the elements and relative harsh exposure, concrete is the most common material to use for a garage floor. It is very durable and easier to clean than many of the alternatives.

What are most garage floors made of?

Most garage floors are made of cement. They are usually formed at the same time the homes foundation is formed. In rural areas, it is not uncommon for the floor of an unattached garage to be dirt.

Which electric heater is the most efficient?

I hope to save people a lot of money by answering this. $10.00 electric heater or $500.00 electric heater THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN EFFICIENCY. The $500.00 heater might be better build quality, safety features such as tip over protection, and or, over heat protection, and or, double cased to l (MORE)

What size cells are the most efficient?

Those with a larger surface area and less volume. The less volume the faster and more efficient transport is which allows the cell to prosess and respond to its environmental changes repidly and reach homeostasis.

Why are 240 volt heaters more efficient?

Question is not clear! efficient compared to what? anyways, 240 Volts generaly have the same effectincy as 120 Volts; however, 240V heat much faster due to the higher voltage and most likely amps avialable on the circuit feeding the heater.

Why is a solar water heater not so efficient on a cloudy day?

A solar water heater relies on sunlight to heat the water. On acloudy day the amount of sunshine is reduced, so the water probablywill not be as hot. Solar PV panels have the same problem. Oncloudy or rainy days the amount of electricity generate is muchless.

What is a garage heater used for?

A garage heater is used to warm up garages (such as mechanic shops) and workshops during the winter months. They come in many different shapes and sizes. some can be hung from the ceiling, while others can be installed like an AC unit.

How safe are natural gas garage heaters?

Natural gas is more thin than air, which means it is not as flammable and will more likely go up in the atmosphere. Although it is non-toxic, one should still make way for ventilation avoiding suffocation. Natural gas is clean and efficient. It is surely one of the safer options to bare in mind.

Where can one find energy efficient space heaters?

Energy efficient space heaters can be found and purchased at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Overstock, Kmart, Kohl's, and Meijer. An energy efficient space heater can be helpful in lowering heating costs in the winter.