What is the most efficient algorithm for language translation?

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It is called MEPS, (Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System)designed by the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society. various forms of MEPS are used in more than 125 locations around the earth, and this has helped to make possible publication of the semimonthly journal, The Watchtower, in over 130 languages simultaneously.
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Is Q-Basic an efficient language for most programming?

Answer . No. Q-Basic is no longer supported by it's creator and therefore should not be used.. Answer . \nQbasic was designed to work with the old MS-DOS or similar operating systems. Programs written in Qbasic can't take advantage of the resources available in modern operating systems. I wo (MORE)

Where can you find a free online translator that can translate English into most European languages?

First opinion Try worldlingo on the link below ! It has most European languages plus Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Second opinion I recommend you try Google Language tools. You can find the link on the homepage, on to the right of the page. It can translate entire pages (by entering the URL) (MORE)

What is the most efficient animal?

I would argue that the Albatross is one of the most efficient animals. It does not have to flap it's wings when it soars across the oceans since it's wing bones lock into place. It is also able to sleep while flying. It has a glide efficiency of 20 feet forward for every 1 foot down.

Which are the most fuel efficient cars?

The most efficient SUV is the mercury Seattle at 56 MPG :) ---- Volkswagen makes an L3 Lupo that advertises 78 MPG. Hydrogen-powered cars such as the Honda FCX Clarity and the H2 Mazda Rx8 dont even use petrol.

What is the most fuel efficient speed?

I have found that for my Scion Tc the most efficient speed is 57 - 61 mpg. If I speed up slowly, slow down by coasting, and set my cruise control on while driving on the highway I can get well over the estimated 30 mpg.. Like most things fuel efficiency depends on the vehicle. But somewhere between (MORE)

In which language are translators needed the most?

I don't work in HR, but... For private sector work, if you live/want to work in the Southwestern US, California, or a major city, I would say Spanish , followed by Chinese. For government or military work, it is definitely led by the languages of the Middle East and Africa . Arabic , Swahil (MORE)

Is an algorithm language dependent?

Algorithms are language independent. An algorithm is a procedure orformula for solving a problem: a finite series of computation stepsto produce a result. Algorithms make no assumptions aboutprogramming languages or technologies; they are generally writtenin plain English. Pseudocode is typically us (MORE)

Heap sort algorithm in C language?

Theory of Algorithms 15-01-2004 Heapsort - Sebastian Streich, Enric Meinhardt 8 Subroutines for Heaps Heapify(A,i) l := largest node of i and its children if ( i ≠ l ) exchange A[i] with A[l] Heapify(A, l) A real implementation should not be recursive! (overhead when passing the function's argu (MORE)

How can we write a Algorithm using switch case in C language?

You would write an algorithm using the switch statement in C in the same manner as one would write an algorithm using any other statement. The tools supported by a particular programming language, such as conditional expressions and iteration constructs, are normally used together to implement an al (MORE)

Algorithm what language it is?

Algorithms use the language of mathematics, logic and computers. They are independent of any particular natural language like English or Chinese.

Is an algorithm a programming language?

No, an algorithm is not a programming language, and it is not language specific. It is a statement of the methodology used to perform some process, solve some problem, etc.

What is language translation in programming language?

I think what you are looking for is an English like translation of the programming logic. If this is what you are looking for, then the language translation of a programming language is called Pseudocode. Pseudocode is the practice of breaking down programming logic into English like meanings. Howev (MORE)

Why recursive algorithms are difficult to implement in programming language?

Recursive algorithms work in an opposite direction as compared to normal algorithms or loops. First the recursion occurs then it back tracks, both of these steps combine to give what a loop does in one single step. But values may change in both the steps, thus complicating the algorithm. For eg: (MORE)

Chris in Italian is Chris because most languages don't translate names?

No, because he is an American and they use the name he is known by in his home country, at least for celebrities. For example: Giorgio Armani is NOT known as George Armani in the English speaking world. Pierre Cardin was never known as Petre Cardin in the English speaking world. That is not to say t (MORE)

Implement Bresenham algorithm using c language?

include#include#include#includevoid draw_line(float,float,float,float);main(){int driver,mode;float x1,y1,x2,y2;clrscr();printf("Enter the two endpoints of the line:");printf("\nx1 =");scanf("%f",&x1);printf("y1 =");scanf("%f",&y1);printf("x2 =");scanf("%f",&x2);printf("y2 =");scanf("%f",&y2);clrscr (MORE)

How are language syntax and algorithms alike?

Language syntax and algorithms are not alike. These are two different things. Syntax is the specification of how a particular step is described to the compiler, while an algorithm is a syntax independent way of describing the process used to solve a problem.

Which is most efficient data structure?

Arrays are the most efficient data structure. Memory is allocatedto the entire array as a single operation and the total memoryconsumed is equal to the product of the element size and the numberof elements (all elements being of equal size, in bytes). Thismeans that any element in the array can be a (MORE)

What do you mean by the efficiency of an algorithm?

• a measure of the amount of resources consumed in solving a problem of size n. -time. -space. •Benchmarking: implement algorithm,. -run with some specific input and measure time taken. -better for comparing performance of processors than for comparing performance of algorithms. â (MORE)

What is the most energy efficient color?

White and pale green . Pastel colors tend to have more solar reflecting ability due to the amount of cloraplitic content. Because of this material, most people have white roofs if looking for a way to balance energy. I mean, who hasn't heard of the absorbing black and the reflecting white. Lighter c (MORE)

How is the efficiency of a sorting algorithm determined?

A sorting algorithm's efficiency is measured in the number of comparisons required to completely sort the elements in the array given a worse case scenario. The best sorting algorithms are rated at O(n), where n is the number of elements, and the worst algorithms are O(n 2 ), with most algorithms fa (MORE)

Which electric heater is the most efficient?

I hope to save people a lot of money by answering this. $10.00 electric heater or $500.00 electric heater THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN EFFICIENCY. The $500.00 heater might be better build quality, safety features such as tip over protection, and or, over heat protection, and or, double cased to l (MORE)

Who invented the synthesizer algorithms programming language?

SNAP Syn thesizer A lgorithms P rogramming SNAP, which is an acronym for synthesizer algorithms programming, is a vendor-neutral programming language developed specifically for programming synthesizers of all examples from all eras that will teach the programmers the funda (MORE)

What size cells are the most efficient?

Those with a larger surface area and less volume. The less volume the faster and more efficient transport is which allows the cell to prosess and respond to its environmental changes repidly and reach homeostasis.

What are the disadvantages of algorithms in c language?

An algorithm simply describes the finite, procedural steps requiredto solve a problem. Algorithms are not specific to any oneprogramming language, but without algorithms there would be nocomputer programs let alone programming languages. That is, youcannot program a computer to solve a problem unles (MORE)

What languages can be translated by Google Translator?

There are sixty five languages that currently are able to be translated by Google Translator. These languages are Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian,Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, (MORE)

What is the most efficient geometrical shape?

We cannot assess the efficiency of a geometrical shape unless we have a particular purpose in mind. You will have to state what you wish to efficiently do, by means of a geometrical figure.

Why is assembly language efficient?

Assembly language is efficient because it is at a low-level ofabstraction. Because of this, the programmer is in more control ofthe computer's processor than if he/she were to program in a highlevel language, meaning that the program made executes faster.

Is an algorithm close to a programming language?

Fairly close. A programming language is a means of communicating with the machine, instructing it to perform a specific sequence of statements. Depending on the language, those statements may be low-level (like assembly) or high-level (like Java). The level determines the amount of abstraction betwe (MORE)

Why does algorithm efficiency matter when the number of inputs becomes large?

The complexity of an algorithm can be expressed in terms of theamount of memory consumed and time taken relative to the number ofinputs. In other words, the algorithm's time and space complexitiescan both be expressed as a function of n, the number of inputs. Typically, we express algorithm complex (MORE)

How do you implement Dijkstra's algorithm in c language?

/* Dijkstra's Algorithm in C */ /* Source: w w w . c o d e w i t h c . c o m / d i j k s t r a s -a l g o r i t h m - i n - c #include #include #include #include #include #define IN 99 #define N 6 int dijkstra(int cost[][N], int source, int target); int main() { int cost[N][N],i,j,w,ch,co; int sourc (MORE)