What is the most popular football club in England?

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This depends on who you ask. Some people think that Liverpool F.C. is the most popular club, others think that Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Leeds United are the most popular (not necessarily in that order.)

According to Forbes Magazine, these are the most popular football clubs in England (not in any particular order):

  1. Aston Villa
  2. Real Madrid
  3. AC Milan
  4. Arsenal
  5. Bayern Munich
  6. Juventus
  7. Leeds United
  8. Internazionale Milan
  9. Barcelona
  10. Liverpool
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What is the most popular football club?

Answer for most popular football club Most popular football club in the world is Manchester united Manchester united, which has 300 million + fans, as of 2008 edit: man united is not the single most famous club, it is ONE of the most famous clubs in the world. others include , around the w (MORE)

What are the most popular bands in England?

I'm not sure of every one, but when you think of it, rock came from England, so there is probably dozens!: . Rolling Stones . Pink Floyd . The Beatles . Led Zeppelin . The Who . McFly . U2 is one, but they came from Dublin, Ireland, and now live in (MORE)

Who is the oldest football club in England?

Officially the worlds oldest club playing Association Football (Soccer) is Sheffield FC founded 1857 but unofficially it is Cambridge University Football club who have records going back to 1848 when they played games under their old Cambridge Rules. The Cambridge Rules were later used as a basis fo (MORE)

Why is football the most popular sport?

American football has become popular because the NFL has done a good job of marketing and promoting the sport. They promote the excitement and action. They expanded television coverage. Monday Night Football, having a game in prime time, helped quite a bit. More recently, the NFL network has expande (MORE)

What is the most successful club in England?

Manchester United have one 18 League titles in England's top division. This includes the Premier League 11 times(1992-Current) as well as the previous First Division. Liverpool have indeed won 19 League Titles, none of which coming in the Premier League era since 1992. In '94 you said 'Come back whe (MORE)

Most popular sport in england?

Football (or soccer) is the most popular sport in England, although cricket is probably the most popular sport in the summer as football is played in the winter. However, there are regional variations. For example, rugby union is very popular in the west country (e.g. Bath and Gloucester), whilst ru (MORE)

Is soccer most popular in England?

No, soccer is most popular in Italy. Italy's the one who started to sport itself.. soccer is not the most popular sport. Association football is the most popular. the most popular sport in England.

Why is football the most popular game?

Football (Soccer) is played in almost every nation in the world. Itis popular because it can be played just about anywhere with littleor no equipment.

What are the ten most popular football clubs?

these are the 10 most popular football clubs (not in order). 1. Real Madrid. 2. Barcelona. 3. AC Milan. 4. Manchester United. 5. Chelsea. 6. Liverpool. 7. Juventus. 8. Bayern Munich. 9. Arsenal. 10. Inter Milan

What are the most popular football club websites?

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) is one of the most popular football club websites. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are very popular too. Those are probably the top four most popular football club websites.

Who is the best football club in England?

Manchester United is the best undoubtedly because they are the usual winners of Premier League and FA Cup Trophy. The also win Europa League, Champions League and the Club World Cup.

The most popular football club in Asia?

I and all football fans in asia know answer this question. When a home game at the AZADI Stadium is filled with PERSPOLIS fans remain question?؟ yes, PERSPOLIS is Asia's most popular team when for a match more than 96 thousand fans come to the stadium Even more than the Milan derby an (MORE)

Richest football club in England?

In terms of the financial powers (capacity to spend), Manchester City reigns the listing. The owner of the club, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has an estimated combined worth of £17,800m. In terms of the value of the club and the players, Manchester United tops all the clubs around the globe, (MORE)

What is most popular football or baseball?

Football, which has a 16 game season and a one game Super Bowl, has higher average attendance and TV viewership per game. Baseball, which plays 162 regular season games per season and a best of 7 World Series has much higher attendance and TV viewership per season.

Top ten most popular football clubs?

The ten most popular clubs in the world are as follows. 1) Mancheter United. 2 Barcelona. 3 ) Real Mardrid. 4 A.C. Milan. 5) Chelsea. 6) Juventus. 7 ) Arsenal. 8 ) Liveerpool. 9 ) Inter Milan 10 Bayern Munich.

Who is the most successful football club in England?

Manchester United Wrong Answer! The correct answer is Liverpool FC. Major Trophies won: Liverpool 40 Manchester United 37 I can guarantee it was a Manc who posted this answer! Answer Liverpool fc 18 league titles 5 European cups 7 fa cups 7 league cups 3 uefa cups (MORE)

The most successful football club in the England?

Liverpool fc 18 league titles 5 European cups 7 fa cups 7 league cups 3 uefa cups 3 European super cups Manchester Utd has been consistentantly on of the most successful out of all the English clubs. Since Alex Ferguson became manager in 1986 they have won 26 major leagues or tournament (MORE)

Which club has the most fan in England?

According to the trophies won in the history, Liverpool FC is the best club and the club with the most fan support. It has made a record of the most league title's won in the English Premiere League. During the 90's English clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal etc. had the most fan sup (MORE)

What is the most popular phrase in England?

there are lots of different popular phrases in England, and not one of them is the most popular ( i mean who can we tested what is the most popular phrase used.) Also, lots of people have different phrases to use - such as if you have a young child that is exploring the world and asking lots of ques (MORE)

Who is the manager at each football club in England?

Arsenal- Arsene Wenger, Manchester United- Alex Ferguson, Liverpool- Rafael Benitez, Manchester City- Roberto Mancini, Hull- Phil Brown, Bolton- Owen Coyle, Tottenham Hotspur- Harry Redknap, Portsmouth- Avram Grant, Burnley- Brian Laws, Sunderland- Steve Bruce, Wigan- Roberto Martinez, West Ham Unit (MORE)

What is the most popular position in football?

The Quarterback is the the most popular position in Football, if it wasn't for the success of Quarterback the team would not be successful. Also the Quarterback is the face of the team.

What is the most popular color in England?

Just as in the US and other countries there is no 'most popular color' in England. Some colors may be more popular than others, but there is no 'most popular color'.

Why is English football the most popular?

Because it has some of the worlds best players such as Fernando Torres, and Steven Gerrard. I know he is not in the league anymore right now but he used to be: Cristiano Ronaldo

What pet is the most popular in England?

The most popular domestic (household) pet in England, according to the Pet Foods Manufacturers Association of the UK, 2008 figures, is the dog, followed by the cat. Next are rabbits, followed by caged birds, then hamsters. Down the list after hamsters are horses, snakes, gerbils, tortoises and rat (MORE)

Where is Gaelic football most popular?

Gaelic Football is one of Ireland's two main national sports, so it is most popular in Ireland. It is popular in all parts of Ireland. Around the world, wherever large populations of Irish people live it is popular at a local level.

Is Chelsea Football Club very popular?

Chelsea Football Club is actually very popular especially within London, England. With nearly 2 million followers on twitter and very dedicated fans (who tend to paint themselves blue in support) it is hard to argue that they are "unpopular".

Which are the most popular football games?

The most popular, or at least most watched, American Football game is the Superbowl. Millions tune in every year to watch this championship match of the National Football League and millions more dollars are spent on advertising spots and extravagant halftime shows.