What is the movie 'Meet Joe Black' about?

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In the movie Meet Joe Black, two people meet at the beginning of the film and it seems like the start of a romantic relationship.
But then, the man is immediately hit by a car and killed.
The devil returns in the man's body.
While in the man's body, the devil falls for the same woman from the beginning of the film, and out of his love for her, he leaves and returns the man to life so that the man and the woman can be together.
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What exterior new York penthouse was used in the movie Meet Joe Black?

Arial views of the triplex on top of the Pierre Hotel in NYC was used for the outside representation while a soundstage was built to house most of the penthouse scenes. Yes, t

What actors and actresses appeared in Meet Joe Black - 1998?

The cast of Meet Joe Black - 1998 includes: Stephen Adly Guirgis as Hospital Receptionist Madeline Balmaceda as Madeline Eric Bruno Borgman as Van Winkle Tent Man Marylouise B