What is the name of A corner by a fireplace?

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There are corner fireplaces and there are corners near fireplaces that are called nooks.
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What is the name of the crusty stuff that forms in the corner of the eye overnight?

Commonly called 'sleep', however, lacrimal fluid would be a better and more scientific description. Some people also call them sleepies, sleepheads, and eye boogers(maxgreat calls them eye boogers).

Name the mountains in the northwest corner of Africa?

Actually it's Atlas mountain. But if you're asking the tallest mountain in Africa it's Mount Kilimanjaro. Don't doubt the answer I have learned this in Geography last month and have my notes next to me. (:

How did the Amen Corner get its name?

"Amen Corner" was so christened following the 1958 Masters bywriter Herbert Warren Wind in an article in Sports Illustrated.

Name the large peninsula at the southwest corner of Europe?

The Iberian Peninsula is located in southwestern Europe. It is thethird largest peninsula in Europe and contains the countries ofSpain and Portugal.

What is the name of a diamond corner?

The edges of facets -- where facets meet would be called by a geometric name: angle. You can read more about the names of cuts and their component faces/ facets, below.

What is the British name for fireplace?

it's call an ingle In modern English, the British generally call a fireplace a 'fireplace'.

Name of 4 states meet at a common corner?

The four states that meet at their corners are: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

What are fireplaces?

Fireplaces are places where fire is held. Traditionally these are located in the central part of a home to keep warm during the cold weather. Usually they are made of brick or metal with a long wide pipe reaching to the roof to let the smoke out. These are called chimneys.

How did Amen Corner get its name?

In an article for Sports Illustrated in 1958 Herbert Warren Wind used the term 'Amen corner'. Some have said it is so called as you need to pray you get to the 14th tee without dropping a shot over the last 3 holes.

What is Poeppel corner named after?

Poeppel Corner of Queensland was from Augustus Poeppel. Heorganized a survey in 1880s to locate the exact borders ofAustralia.

Name a three corner shape other than a triangle?

Triangle means 3 angles. No other shape exists and any three angle shape is a triangle

What name is given to the star in the right hand corner of the flag?

The Australian flag has a representation of the Southern Crossconstellation, or Crux, on the right hand side. The star in theupper right corner is called Gacrux.

Is Eddie's Corner in Bend Oregon named after Eddie Bauer?

Edwin Walter "Eddie" Williamson bought the property and the garage in 1936 and started Eddie's Sales and Service.

What is the name of the shape that has 5 corners?

A five-sided polygon is called a "pentagon" and can be equilateral (regular) or irregular. The word polygon (πολύγωνο in Greek) means "many kneed", referring to numerous angles in the shapes.

The name of the huge city at the southeastern corner of New York?

The city at the south east corner could be New York City. Howeverfurther east is Long Island with additional municipalities.

What is a corner by a fireplace?

A corner electric fireplace is a fireplace that goes in a corner. Electric Fireplaces come in multiple shapes and sizes. You have standard floor models, corner models, wall mounted, TV and Media Mantles, and the kind that go directly into the wall. Corner Electric Fireplaces are made to have angles in the mantle to be placed into the corners. This allows them to placed almost anywhere in the home!

What is the corner by a fireplace called?

I'm an old (75) country boy who lived by a fireplace all my life, until I was in my 20's as the only source of heat besides the wood stove in eth kitchen, and I've never heard the corner by the fireplace to have a special name except "the corner by the fireplace." As in, "Stand it in the corner by the fireplace."

What is a fireplace heatalator?

Heatilator is actually a fireplace manufacturer. Many people refer to fireplace blowers or fans as Heatilators.

Modern name of hangman's corner London?

It was called Tyburn at the time that it was used for public hangings. Its modern name is Marble Arch and it is located at the western end of Oxford Street.

Name of a solid with eight edges and eight corners?

According to the Euler characteristic, for a simply connected solid, V - E + F = 2 where V = number of vertices (corners), E = number of edges and F = number of faces. If E = 8 and V = 8, as required by the question, then F = 2. There is no simply connected solid with just two faces.

Name three signs of a chemical change that occur as a log burn in a fireplace?

1) heat is evolved 2) it is quite difficult to react 3) new compounds are formed while others react point 3 is the most important as a chemical change is one in which new compounds are formed.

What is the temperature of a fireplace?

That will depend on the fuel being burned, the draft fanning the fire, and WHERE in the fireplace you measure the temperature. Parts of the firebox can reach temperatures of around 1500 degrees F when burning dry hardwood under draft- coal can be hotter still.

Name four shapes with four sides and four corners?

The shapes that I can think of are a square, rectangle, rhombus and a diamond

What is the name of the painting by Salvador Dali of a train coming out of a fireplace?

The painting you mean is by Dalí but by René Magritte. It is called La Durée poignardée in English Time Transfixed.

1800's stamp with the name genelli in upper left corner and St. Louis in upper right corner?

It is what is called a photo stamp. They were used like wallet sized school pictures. They were also often attached to wedding thank you letters etc.

What is the angle of a 90 degree corner if it is leaning towards you at 45 degrees such as marble around fireplace tilted such as a picture frame?

Basic math its 45 degrees.....if its 90 degrees and its coming in 45 such as a picture frame, then the degrees left is 45.....

How did Engles Corner in Middletown Ohio get its name?

The Engle's were an important part of the development of the area that became known as Excello. Engle's Corner (Oxford State Rd and Main St) identified the heart of the development and was most likely the corder edge of the Engle property at the start. The Engle house face on Main St. and their property went all the way to the river from there.

What are the names of Hattie's friends in A corner of the Universe?

Betsy and Leila. Betsy was Hattie's first friend, only because in Kindergarden their teacher seated them next to each other. Hattie and Leila met at Fred's Carnival, Leila's uncle is the owner, and her whole family works there.

What are the names of the females in ''A Corner of the Universe''?

corner universe females Username: Teddy_Lupin13 Answer: If you are referring to the book then, Hattie Owen, Betsy, Angle Valentine, Miss Hagerty, Nana, her mom, Leila, Cookie, and that's all I can remember at the moment.

How do you use your fireplace?

By burning wood in it. Build some paper and small dry wooden partsto start the fire and slowly increase the size of the logs. Youshould take care that the wood gets enough air to keep burning.This can be facilitated by starting the fire on andirons and/or afire grate.

What is a name of a shaped like a triangle but has 4 corners?

A diamond, or mathematically correct a parallelogram or tilted square. You may also be thinking of a trapezoid.

What is the name of the gun that shoots around corners?

During WW II there were a few weapons made to do that- with VERY limited success. You are probably speaking of the CornerShot that was recently developed in Israel.

What is fireplace ash?

Fireplace ash is generated as a natural byproduct of burning wood. Especially with a long burning fire with several large logs, you can be left with a large quantity of ash in your fireplace. For cleanliness and safety, it's important to remove the buildup of fireplace ash. You can do something as simple as having an ash bucket next to your fireplace to scoop out the extra ashes periodically. Another option is to have an ash vacuum to clean out all the ashes. I'll share a link to a nice ash bucket and fireplace vacuum below.

What were the names of the seven fireplaces for the Dakota Indians?

The Oglala Lakota belong to that Native American population which prior to white contact called itself Oceti Šakowin , usually translated as The Seven Council Fires (from oceti , 'stove, fireplace' and šakowin , 'seven'). Fireplace is a term widely used by a number of American Indian tribes as a metaphor for various levels of social and political organization. The numbers four and seven are regarded as sacred numbers among most North American Indians. The Lakota (also Teton, Tetonwan, Teton Sioux) are a Native American tribe. They are part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes (the Oceti Sakowin or seven council fires) and speak Lakota, one of the three major dialects of the Sioux language The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowiⁿ (Oćeti śakowiŋ 1 ), The Seven Fireplaces or Council-fires. This designation refers to their original gentes, the Mdewakaⁿtoⁿwaⁿ (mdewakaŋ-toŋwaŋ), Waqpe-kute (Waḣpe-kute), Waqpe-toⁿwaⁿ(Wahpetoŋwaŋ), Sisitoⁿwaⁿ (Sisitoŋwaŋ), Ihañk-toⁿwaⁿ (Ihaŋktoŋwaŋ), Ihañk-toⁿwaⁿna (Ihaŋktoŋwaŋna), and Titoⁿwaⁿ (Titoŋwaŋ). They camped in two sets of concentric circles, one of four circles, consisting probably of the Mdewakaⁿtoⁿwaⁿ, Waqpe-kute, Waqpe-toⁿwaⁿ and Sisitoⁿwaⁿ; and the other of three circles, including the Ihañktoⁿwaⁿ, Ihañktoⁿwaⁿna, and Titoⁿwaⁿ, as shown by the dialectical resemblences and variations as well as by the relative positions of their former habitats.

How do you get fireplace on moshimonsters?

well fireplaces are usually rare so every shop gets new shipments everyday but make sure you check all the shops most likely to have a fire place is horrods you have to be a (paid) member to get it

Is there propane in a fireplace?

All fireplaces are not the same. Some use wood, others use gas. Propane can be used in certain cases so your answer would be yes. Keep in mind that this is not always the case.

What is an inglenook fireplace?

An inglenook is a small space next to an open fireplace, usually a corner. Sort of a snug little cubby, the space may be defined b walls or furnishings. A "room within a room" in design terms.

How did Coffins Corner NJ get its name?

Coffins Corner was named for William Coffin, born in Green Bank in 1775. In 1817, Coffin built a glass blowing furnace near the bend, or corner, of Rt. 30, near where Kessler Hospital is presently. The settlement around the furnace became known as Coffins Corner. Coffin had a son, John Hammond Coffin, who was born in 1816. He re-named the settlement Hammondtown, after his son. Today it's know as Hammonton.

How fireplace work?

well some u can just hit a a switch n it turn on. Other u have to put in paper or go to the store n buy some wood or u can just good get some from a tree hey it free that what make it batter n u put it in the fire place n u get something 2 light it with n that how it work.

How did bloody corners Ohio get its name?

Legend has it that in the 1800s three men settled their differences in a fight that took place at a crossroads there. When the fight was over, the ground was covered with blood, thus the name. Some say the fight was over a woman which makes sense so is probably wrong.

What is the average cost for a corner fireplace?

A corner fireplace can cost many different amounts depending on how nice the fireplace it. A cheaper corner fireplace can cost approximately 600 dollars, where a more expensive one can run over 1,000 dollars.

Where can you purchase a corner fireplace?

There are numerous places one can purchase a corner fireplace. They can be purchased from ebay, Home Depot and Amazon. One can purchase them in either gas or electric.

Where can one purchase a corner electric fireplace?

A corner electric fireplace should be available for purchase in most major furniture stores. It should also be available in catalogue retailers, such as Argos or online retailers like Amazon. It might be the best idea to check for some local retailers who specialise in the field.

Where can one find a standing corner fireplace?

Standing corner fireplaces can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Such retailers include Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, or any other home improvement store. Also, a standing corner fireplace can be ordered online from Amazon.

Where can one purchase a gas fireplace for a corner?

Someone can purchase a gas fireplace for a corner from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of gas fireplaces from a number of manufacturers.

What are the names of some companies that manufacture vent free fireplaces?

Some companies who manufacture vent free fireplaces include Monessen Hearth Systems, Majestic Products, Lennox Hearth Products, Fine Homebuilding and CJ's Hearth and Home.

Where could I find a company that offers corner fireplace designs?

You can find a company that offers corner fireplace designs online at the Houzz website. Once on the website, type "Corner Fireplace" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is the typical price of corner gas fireplaces?

The typical price for a corner gas fireplace is around $2000. Many companies offer a corner gas fireplace starting at $550 and going upwards of $5000 depending on the size and make of the fireplace.

What companies produce corner electric fireplaces?

The Soothing Company is a company that produces corner electric fireplaces. You can browse their webpage for many types of corner electric fireplaces.

Why does a personal check have two names at the left hand corner?

Not all do. If a particular one does, it probably means it's ajoint account and either of the named individuals can write checksdrawn against that account. It's very common for married couples tohave such an account, but any two people who trust each other couldhave one.