What is the name of Sasuke's new sharingan?

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its called amaterasu

^^actually that's just a technique Sasuke can use with his new Mangekyou Sharingan.
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How did Kakashi get sharingan?

He Got it From Obito when he was on a mission when he was younger. Obito got crushed by a rock and gave kakashi his Sharingan as a gift before he died. Obito had the Sharingan because he was an Uchiha.

How can you get the Mangyeko sharingan?

There are two ways to achieve the Mangekyō Sharingan. The official way is to kill you best friend or someone really close to you. It is not actually the killing that grants it, but the feeling of loss. It is unknown how Hatake Kakashi was bestowed with it but the common explanation is that he got (MORE)

What is Sasuke's last name?

His name is Uchiha Sasuke. but everyone calls him Sasuke. he wants to kill his brother itatchi because itachi killed both his parents.

What is Sasuke's Past?

Answer . Sasuke's past was about Itachi being their father's favourite and also about Itachi killing the entire clan except Sasuke. Itachi is Sasuke's older brother and also considered as one of the most talented ninjas. Itachi showed to be more than promising as he was the top rookie of the acad (MORE)

What is sharingan?

sharingan is something in your eyes that makes all jutsu visible and almost makes you know the opponents moves before they do them the sharingan can copy any jutsu after seeing it or while its about to happen or in action they use the same attack against them and since the sharingans copying it they (MORE)

How do you get the sharingan?

It really depends. You have to either have to be born with Uchiha Bloodline or have an Uchiha give you his Sharingan. You have to be born in the Uchiha Clan...or you can have an Uchiha give you but...doing so a Sharingan in a non-uchiha causes the sharingan to take alot more chakra to use then wh (MORE)

Is the sharingan real?

Someone answered: "If you mean like in the show where they can seethrough justu's and stuff like that then no its not real. But youcan get contacts to make your eyes look like you have sharingan,the powers of it only exist in the show." Other man said: "Animals and humans can never have special orpa (MORE)

In Naruto what are all the sharingan names?

In naruto there are different types of sharingan. The basic sharingan has three types. After them, there is mangekyou sharingan and then Eternal mangekyou sharingan. While the appearance of basic sharingan is same to all users but evey mangekyou sharingan has its unique pattern. naruto doesn (MORE)

What is a sharingan?

A Sharingan is a doujutsu or eye technique that is the bloodline limit or kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan in the series Naruto. Sharingan means Copy wheel eye or mirror wheel eye. The Sharingan goes throut three stages: . Lv. 1 has the ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. The (MORE)

Who is Sasuke's archrival?

In a way, Sasuke has two rivals.\nNaruto is his first, but that's mainly when Sasuke is still in the village and it's more of a friendly rivalry than anything bad, until the time just before Sasuke leaves, when he finds that he can't deal with the power than Naruto seems to have obtained. After thei (MORE)

How does Kakashi get sharingan?

When kakashi was young he was sent on a mission he hurt hist eye and in result of the mission his friend( an uchiha ) dies and gives his eye to kakashi.

Does Naruto get the sharingan?

depends on if he unlocks his blood traits reason being is that since his father is the 4th his father is related to the 1st and the first married a uchia to keep peace so he would have wood release and sharingan.

What does the new sharingan do?

It depends, if you are talking about the Mangekyo Sharingan, it has two, possibly three jutsus associated with it. The First is Tsukyomi, Literally, "Moon Reader" Named after the Shinto god of the moon, this jutsu will place the target into an extremely powerful genjutsu that the user controls, it i (MORE)

Who has the Mangekyo Sharingan?

Madara Uchiha, Izuna Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, and Sasuke Uchiha. Madara and Izuna did not gain the Mangekyō Sharingan through the traditional methods, but through hard, extensive training with each other. Itachi killed Shisui Uchiha. Sasuke killed Itachi. Kakashi didn't kill anyone (MORE)

What is the best sharingan?

Eien no Mangekyō Sharingan, literally translated into English means Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy-Wheel Eye. This is the ultimate Sharingan. By taking the sharingan from a sibling (Mangekyō Sharingan or not) you can obtain this. It completely cancels out all drawbacks from the original Mangekyō (MORE)

How do you activate the sharingan?

At first the sharingan can only be activated once the Uchiha who bears it is put into a life threatening situation,or if he gets mad but after that the sharingan can be activated anytime the user wants it to. Also theres a special Mangekyō Sharingan. With that the person who has that power can (MORE)

What does Sasuke's mangekyou sharingan do?

It forces the opponent to tell him information -i t does do that but the cool part is that it can also extinguish the amaterasu if u want to see you self the go to http://www.tailedfox.com and look at the second episode 143 the second half

What is Sasuke's demon?

Sasuke does not have a demon inside him. Oruchimaru bit him and gave him the curse mark. actually he can turn into a demon called a dark angel with his curse mark but later on ine the next series he kills oruchimaru and absorbs his power but when sasuke fights itachi itachi takes away his power (MORE)

What do itachi's sharingan do?

SPOILER ALERT Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan carries three powers up to this point. Tsukyomi- Creates an alternate illusion world which the victim feels as real. Amaterasu- Creates black flames that burn whatever the user is looking at. They are to never go out unless the object is destroyed or t (MORE)

How do you make a sharingan?

you can buy one at a contact store or go to youtube.com . and typ in real sharingan then it should show you a link in describson.

Who has the sharingan?

There are only a few known Naruto characters that posses the Sharingan. The first is Uchiha Madara. He and his brother Izuna are the first of the uchiha to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Second and third is Uchiha Itachi & Uchiha Sasuke. Next is Uchiha Obito. He gained his sharingan while on (MORE)

Who will be Sasuke's wife?

Sakura : D jk, I have no idea. As of Chapter 475, no one, and as of 12.17.09, no spoilers have no confirmed.

What is Sasuke's sister's name?

I don't think he has a sister assuming you mean sasuke from naruto he does have a brother though and his name is itachi I think sasuke killed him though

Can you have a sharingan eye?

In real life? Very unlikely. However, there are some custom contacts that makes your eyes look like the sharingan, byakugan, and other colors. I'm sure they even have the Mangekyo Sharingan contact lense as well.

How To Use Sharingan?

Don't move your eyes something that moves will move your eye its complex but you'll understand.

How To Get Sharingan?

You can't get Sharingan, it's just some made-up thing from Naruto. If it was real though, you would need to be the child of someone who has the Sharingan in their blood.

How can you get sharingan?

there is no way that u could get a sharingan as its just animies do have those powers so stop thinkin about the sharingan its for your good

What is the names of all sharingan?

There is a one tomoe, two tomoe, three tomoe, mangekyu, eternal mangekyu, and i heard there is one that only sasuke can use because he has a curse mark. the last one I'm not sure about, it's just something i heard one of my friends say.

What are Sasuke's relatives names?

All of the Uchiha who are are named in the series. For example, Uchiha...Itachi, Fugaku, Mikoto, his immediate family; then, Kagami, Izuna and Madara, his oldest ancestors; and then other Uchiha who aren't immediately related to him, like Shisui, Inabi, Obito, Teyaki and Uruchi his uncle and aunt, a (MORE)

What are Sasuke's moves?

sasuke's moves are: katon goukakyuu no jutsu (fire style:fireball jutsu) katon ryuuka no jutsu (fire style:dragon blade jutsu) amaterasu(black fire) mangekyou sharingan eternal mangekyou sharigan third,second,and first comma sharingan genjutsu chidori chidori nagashi or chidori (MORE)

What does Sasuke's new Mangekyou Sharingan do?

The new sharingan Sasuke received after defeating Itachi has the ability to use Susanoo an ability that resembles yamabushi or mountain hermits with a destructive power. The new sharingan he gained also granted him a technique called amerterasu which allows him to control a kind of black fire that h (MORE)

Whose sharingan is more powerful Kakashi's or Sasuke's?

Technically speaking Sasukes should be more powerful because he has them on both eyes but again Kakashi is more experienced with it so i would have to say ... Sasuke because he actually knows more techniques and can learn some that Sakashi could not.

What does Sasuke's sharingan mean?

You don't know what that means, it means he can copy certain jutsu depending on what branches that the jutsu is in! Mangekaiou Sharingan can mess up your mind in a number of ways how I don't know ask some other people on here!

What is special about Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan?

One thing that is special is that it is the first Mangekyo Sharingan to have a black background and red design, as most Mangekyo have a red background and black design. as well as how he got it people say that he became close to orochimaru that's a lie he hated orochimaru because when sasuke kil (MORE)

Is Sasuke's sharingan stronger than danzo's?

Sasuke's sharingan is stronger, he beats Danzo... - Sasuke's sharingan surpasses Danzou olnly because the sharingan is a bloodline limit and danzou does not posses enough chakra to fully use the all of the sharingan , do you want me to explain how danzou obtained so many sharingans ?

What can the angel sharingan do?

Sharingan is a technique from the anime, Naruto. Angel (Konan) doesnot actually have a sharingan, although her eyes do somewhat looklike the eyes of those that can use it. Angel has the skill of manipulating paper into camouflage. She isso good at it, that she even deceives sharingan users.

What does Sasuke's sharingan do?

its the same as kakashi sharingan quite well i no that it does coppy and when he defeats itachi sasuke has the makikyo sharingan because itachi did something to him

What are Sasuke's jutsus?

These are Sasuk'es jutsus (in alphabetical order): Amaterasu Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi (Manga only) Body Flame Technique Body Shedding Chidori Chidori Current Chidori Senbon Chidori Sharp Spear Cursed Seal of Heaven Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Fire Release: D (MORE)

What does the sasukes sharingan do?

I'll only answer about Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan Sasuke can perform an early stage of Susano'o, he can do the Ameterasu (the Eternal Black Flames), and Tsukiyomi (powerful Uchiha Genjutsu). Sasuke will get the Eternal Mangekyou in the manga, but how it will look like and what Sasuke will be ab (MORE)