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What is the origin of Joan of Arc's name?

See Related LinksSee the Related Links to the right for the answer. Her name in French was "Jeanne D'Arc", or as we say in English "Joan of Arc", Arc being the town from which

What was Joan of Arc's last name?

Joan of Arc never had a surname. In official documents she only  every went by her first name, the title d'Arc (of Arc) was only  added later. After Charles VII granted Joan

What is St. Joan of Arc's symbol?

  As she was a female knight, Joan was awarded a patent of arms- what is popularily called a crest or coat of arms. this was worn on the front of the skirt portion of her

What is Joan of Arc's sister's name?

Jeanne d'Arc had a sister Catherine; and three brothers named Pierre, Jean, and Jacquemin.

What was Joan of Arc's mother's name?

  Isabelle or Isabeau, the name is the same as ( Elizabeth) . Joan of Arc's mothers name was Isabelle (English) or Isabeau (French) Joan was the daughter of Jacques d'Arc

What was the name of Joan of Arc's blind brother?

Joan did not have either a blind brother or friend. This characteris purely fictional and was created in the movie to show how kindJoan was to the disadvantaged. Even though t

When was Joan of Arc's name cleared by the pope?

An investigation was opened in 1452 under orders from Pope CalixtusIII. Many witnesses were called. The appellate court declared herinnocent on July 7, 1456 - 25 years after h