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What is the name of St Joan of Arc's horse?

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What is the name of St Joan of Arc's horse?
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Where were Joan of Arc's ashes thrown?

Where were Joan of Arc's ashes thrown?

  They were unceremoniously deposited into the River Seine. In a very loose sense it might be added her ashes may have reached Paris- on the way to open water but were pro

Where are Joan of Arc's ashes buried?

  They were tossed rather unceremoniously into the Seine River. there have been all sorts of unconfirmed and generally disproved Johannic relics over the centuries such as

What was Joan of Arc's job?

Joan's job was to command the French army, that is, to lead, direct, and most importantly, inspire it to fight and defeat the English invaders. She had help from some great

What were the names of Joan of Arc's siblings?

Joan had 3 brothers and one sister. Her siblings were named:  Jacqemin, Jean, Pierre and Catherine.

What was Joan of arc's last battle?

Joan of Arc's last battle was on 23 May 1430, and was a skirmish near Compiègne, between French forces on one side, and English and Burgundian forces on the other. The skirmi

What is Joan of Arc's visions?

  Joan of Arc was a teenage girl (it is said she was just 14 whe she led the french to revolution). She was the daughter of a peasant farmer and lived and worked on her fa

What is St. Joan of Arc's symbol?

  As she was a female knight, Joan was awarded a patent of arms- what is popularily called a crest or coat of arms. this was worn on the front of the skirt portion of her

What is the origin of Joan of Arc's name?

See Related LinksSee the Related Links to the right for the answer. Her name in French was "Jeanne D'Arc", or as we say in English "Joan of Arc", Arc being the town from which

Where was Joan of Arc's hometown?

Joan of Arc's hometown was the village of Domremy, in what was then the Duchy of Bar. Domremy is now renamed Domremy-la-Pucelle, in the French province of Lorraine.

What was Joan of Arc's last name?

Joan of Arc never had a surname. In official documents she only  every went by her first name, the title d'Arc (of Arc) was only  added later. After Charles VII granted Joan

What was Joan of Arc's childhood like?

  her childhood was not the best as some of ours are now when she was three years old her dad used to beat and rape her every night!But by the time she was 12 she stared t

What led to Joan of Arc's death?

While she was fighting for the French, Joan of Arc was caught by their enemy; the English. The English put her on trial and charged her with being a witch. She was found guilt

What were Joan of Arc's obstacles?

    Joan of Arc performed her actions for the purpose of saving France  by driving the British out and returning the French monarchy to the  throne.    She

What was Saint Joan of Arc's full name?

As he father's name was Jacques d'Arc I would assume her Real name was Joan d'Arc. Edit: Joan of Arc is merely a English translation of her real name, which is actually Jeha