What is the name of St Joan of Arc's horse?

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What was Joan of Arc's real name?

Joan of Arcs real name was Jehanne d'Arc   Answer 1  Joan of Arc (the English translation of the French)  was Jehanne D'Arc in French. Joan's father's name was Jacques D (MORE)

Who was Joan of Arc's enemy?

Her enemy was the British occupying army and their allies such as  the Burgundians.
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What is in Joan of Arc's reliquary box?

What is in St. Joan of Arc's Reliquary?    According to the site below there is no reliquary box.    All of St. Joan's first class relics are now destroyed or lost  (MORE)

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What was Joan of Arc's education?

Saint Joan of Arc was not educated. She could neither read nor  write.   Her mother did teach her religious ways, making her become a highly  religious person that would (MORE)

What color were Joan of Arc's eyes?

  Let us be guided by high imagery, She was French, she had dark hair worn inthe rather (Knightly) Pageboy style, and she probably had Blue eyes, msot Johannic artists sho (MORE)

What led to Joan of Arc's death?

While she was fighting for the French, Joan of Arc was caught by their enemy; the English. The English put her on trial and charged her with being a witch. She was found guilt (MORE)

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