What is the name of St Joan of Arc's horse?

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What is in Joan of Arc's reliquary box?

What is in St. Joan of Arc's Reliquary?    According to the site below there is no reliquary box.    All of St. Joan's first class relics are now destroyed or lo (MORE)

What was Joan of Arc's job?

Joan's job was to command the French army, that is, to lead, direct, and most importantly, inspire it to fight and defeat the English invaders. She had help from some great (MORE)

What were the names of Joan of Arc's siblings?

Joan had 3 brothers and one sister. Her siblings were named:  Jacqemin, Jean, Pierre and Catherine.
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What was Joan of Arc's fate?

Joan was given a fraudulent Church trial and found 'guilty' of  heresy. She was sentenced to die by being burn at the stake.
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When is St. Joan of Arc's feast day?

The feast day for Joan of Arc is May 30.
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What led to Joan of Arc's death?

While she was fighting for the French, Joan of Arc was caught by their enemy; the English. The English put her on trial and charged her with being a witch. She was found guilt (MORE)

What were Joan of Arc's major controversies?

She was a female fighting in a male-dominated army.   She was still a teenager while most soldiers were much older.   She wore mens clothing and cut her hair short lik (MORE)

What were Joan of Arc's obstacles?

    Joan of Arc performed her actions for the purpose of saving France  by driving the British out and returning the French monarchy to the  throne.    She (MORE)