What is the name of Sting's new TNA entrance music?

What is the name of Sting's new TNA entrance music?
"Slay Me" by Dale Oliver 
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Your documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" calls on viewers to act together to solve the crisis of global warming. What are 3 ways you strive to combat global warming throughout your everyday life?

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What is the name of Sting's son's band and who are its members?

  Answer   The band's name is Fiction Plane and the members are: The band's members are Joe Sumner (lead vocals, guitar, bass & Sting's son), Seton Daunt (guit (MORE)

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Where can you download TNA entrance music songs?

Where To Find TNA Entrance music TNA's website or if you type in what you're looking for on Youtube, you can easily find videos of the songs you want with safe download links. (MORE)

A Man Called Sting: Sting's Biggest Career Highlights

Sting has finally made his WWE debut! Take a look back at some of the best highlights of the mysterious Sting's illustrious career.Before he became the Sting we all know and l (MORE)
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What is Sting's religion?

Sting grew up Roman Catholic. He is however very interested in many  world religions and has publicly rejected organized religion.
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