What are the 70's names of Charlie's Angels?

Sabrina Duncan: Kate Jackson. Jill Munroe: Farrah Fawcett. Kelly Garrett: Jaclyn Smith. All three were former LAPD cops. Kris Munroe: Cheryl Ladd. Jill Munroe's you (MORE)

What are some of the parenting technique names of the 70s?

Dr. Spock. Spock, Benjamin McLane, American author and pediatrician; b. New Haven, Conn. His Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care (1946; later Baby and Child Care ) h (MORE)

Who sang I have a name song in 70s?

This song is actually called "I've Got A Name." It was written, sung, and recorded by Jim Croce, who only released a single album in his life. It was an enormous success. Befo (MORE)

What are the 70 names for Jerusalem?

Here is a list of the majority of those names: . Yerushalayim . Shalom . Yireh . Yabus . Gilad . Levanon . Zion . Marom Yam . Kiseh Hashem . Ir David . Yefeh Nof (MORE)