What is the name of country singer Jake Owen's older brother - not Jarrod their other brother?

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I think its Justin not sure
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Do the Jonas Brothers have an older brother?

No they don't but they do have a 9 year old little brother. His name is Frankie Nathaniel Jonas. Hope that helped! :) Kevin is the oldest. Then it goes Joe then Nick then Frankie!

What is the name of miley cyruss older brother?

She has two older Half-Brothers Christopher Cody (on paternal side) and Trace (on maternal side). She also has an older Half-Sister (on maternal side) named Brandi and two younger siblings Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey

Who is Hannah Montana older brother?

Trace Dempsey Cyrus [1] (born February 24, 1989 in Ashland, Kentucky) is an American musician. He is a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist in the band Metro Station. He is the owner of a clothing company called From Backseats to Bedrooms. [2] Cyrus is the adopted son of country singer Billy Ray Cy (MORE)

Is connect three the older name of the Jonas Brothers?

Nick, Kevin, and Joe have always been the Jonas Brothers. Once at a concert, Joe accidentally said "Hello, we are the Jonas Brothers!" when they had no name, and Jonas Brothers just stuck like that.. Connect 3 was the name in Camp Rock.

What are pranks to play on your older brother?

You can plan whatever prank on your brother that you would want your brother to play on you. If you give it, be prepared to take it. you can take his shampoo and put your body spray and your shampoo and mix it in there. you can also put a rubber band on your sink sprayer if u have one and when he t (MORE)

Is your older brother a alien and if not why do they be mean to me?

There are such things as aliens,but if your brother like is teasing you or calling names he is just trying to get power by making you like yell at him or by hurting him or getting really mad. . Here are some tips . ignore him like your in March and he is in December . Walk Away . Have a nice (MORE)

How can you trick your older brother?

Ooooo ;) you've come to the right little sister. Well first off, older brothers are hard to trick, mainly because they have been more experienced than you in tricks. Over the years I have become a natural liar. It's not something i'm proud of, oh no. But here's the deal. If you're a girl USE YOUR IN (MORE)

What are the Jonas Brothers names and other information?

I can't tell you everything that would take way to long but I can tell you some things. This is fun. Paul Kevin Jonas II (goes by Kevin), Joseph Adam Jonas(Joe), Nicholas Jerry Jonas(Nick), Franklin Nathaniel Jonas(Frankie). Birthdays: Kevin- November 5, 1987, Joe- August 15, 1989, Nick- September 1 (MORE)

Did Maimonides have an older brother?

While Maimonides did not have an older brother, he did in fact have a younger brother named David. Since his father was also Maimon, he would also be known as Maimonides. David Maimonides was a merchant, and supported his brother Moses Maimonides while the latter learned. Tragically, David drowned a (MORE)

Who was George Washington's older brother?

Born into a family on the margins of the http://wiki.answers.com/topic/virginia aristocracy, Washington advanced rapidly to local prominence owing to his brother http://wiki.answers.com/topic/lawrence-massachusetts's brief career in the British military establishment and to Lawrence's marriage i (MORE)

What was alex gaskarths older brothers name?

Alex does not like to talk about him.... The only people who he opens up to are family, band mats, and His girlfriend (who just got engaged!) Updated answer: Alex has recently started talking about his brother, to stop the misinformation that keeps circulating on the internet. His name was Thomas (MORE)

How do you get back at an older brother?

ignore 'em. it works everytime. just make sure you have a good tolerance for explicetives and a little bit of abuse (hell shove u a couple times if u don't answer ) *Spill really hot food on him or coffie tea something hot* *Make prank calls to his friends* *Make him plate for dinner and put (MORE)

Did Anne Boleyn have an older brother?

Anne had three brother's. Two of them, Henry and Thomas, failed to reach adulthood. One survived, George, who was ennobled as Viscount Rochford in December 1529. However, most historians believe he was younger than Anne by about three years. George was executed along with his sister on false charges (MORE)

What will get a older brother mad?

ignore 'em. it works everytime. just make sure you have a good tolerance for explicetives and a little bit of abuse (hell shove u a couple times if u don't answer )

How do you say older brother in Hawaiian?

兄はハワイから来ました。 (ani ha hawai kara kimashita) which literally translates as "My older brother came from Hawaii", used to say where a person is from more politely. If you want to say "My older brother lives in Hawaii", you would say 兄だ(MORE)

Are Finn and Jake brothers?

Finn and Jake are brothers but probably through bonding. they found each other a little kids and they've lived together fighting bad guys and going on adventures. Actually, Finn was adopted by Jake's parents. There's a chance that Susan Strong could be his real mom.

Did King Arthur have an older brother?

yes, his name was moldren his distany was to distroy arthur before he even knows him slef to be a king *** Arthur had a foster brother named Kay. Kay may have been a little older than Arthur, but probably not by much. The above, I believe is an attempt at referencing Mordred, Arthur's son who w (MORE)

Is Kane Undertaker's older brother?

I must tell you that friend, I'm a huge fan of wwe i love it so much, but is fake....:( undertaker and Kane they aren't brothers...it's all fiction...forgive my English..:) I'm Italian...good bye.....

Why is my older brother such a jerk to me?

It is called domination of one person over another. You unfortunately are the victim of your brothers desire to dominate. Just have patience with him and he will find your worth eventually.

How do you get your older brothers friend to like you?

If the guy's close friends with your brother, I'd check with your brother first and make sure it's okay. Age is really a number, but when it's noticable and there's a visual maturity difference, it ain't gonna fly. Just be yourself, and gradually start to talk to him. Don't jump right into a super f (MORE)

How do you bug your older brother?

Well i have got a little brother and i bug him by making his bed room messy and then blaming it on him when mum says who has made this mess and it is cooler if you've got an older brother because your mum or family will always blame it on the older ones.

What can you get your older brother for his 16th birthday?

Ask him what he wants and if he doesn't know, think about what he likes...for example if he likes fishing, get him a gift certificate at Bass Pro or if he likes sports, electronics, etc, think of where you could get a gift certificate for that sort of thing.

What is japanese for older brother?

There are two words for older brother, and they are used in different contexts. When talking to someone else and you refer to your older brother, you use a humble form. You would say "ani" (hiragana: あに kanji: 兄). When talking to someone else and you want to refer to their older (MORE)

What do you do with an older brother?

Firstly, you must watch a lot of WWE videos to learn how to fight and the techniques required to severely injure your brother but not kill him. Secondly, once you have learnt the techniques and fighting moves test it out on a younger sibling in order to perfect your move and make sure you are capabl (MORE)

How do you write a letter to your older brother?

Email is now the most popular, and easiest way to send letters to people, but the old fashioned paper variety can still be used if that is what you prefer. Your older brother will presumably be interested to know if there is any news in your life, if you have a new address, a new job, a new spouse, (MORE)