What is the name of hocky in manipur city?

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In Manipur
Manipur City is a town that is located in India. The name of hockey that is played there is Field Hockey. India is also well known for playing soccer, too.
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Who invented hocky?

When "Ice Hockey" was invented remains a matter of debate but it's believed that it was invented in the mid 1850's by British soldiers staying in Nova Scotia, Canada. They used a rubber ball initially to play the first ice hockey game with some basic rules. . However, there was a similar type of f (MORE)

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How do you play hocky?

This is in the wrong category, but I'll repost my answer to another similar question. First and foremost you'll need a good attitude, a willingness to learn (and to fall, repeatedly and regularly while you learn). Secondly you'll need a sheet of ice on which to play. You'll generally find this a (MORE)

What was the highest NHL hocky game score?

The highest hockey score in the world was in a game between the Calgary Redders and the Kazhakstan Blujackets in the 1905 Olympics, Calgary Beat Kazhakstan 27-3, there is no kept records, but with a record of 30 goals in all, that was the highest scoring Hockey game in History. The The Calgary Redd (MORE)

Who was the first black hocky player?

The first black NHL player was Willie O'Ree in 1958 with the Boston Bruins. Willie O'Ree is currently active in youth hockey. He was recently featured on Snoop Dog's Fatherhood reality TV show.

How big are hocky rinks?

NHL sized rinks (most typical) are 80 feet wide and 200 feet long. Olympic sized rinks are 100 feet wide and 200 feet long.

Society of Manipur?

Manipuris are quite conservative. Society is marked by the following characteristics:. 1) Respectable stature for women. 2) Hospitable nature of people in general. 3) Strong principles among the masses. 4) Rich in art & culture

Is hocky more dangerous then cheerleading?

No. Currently cheerleading is the most dangerous women's sport in the country, with over 66% of catastrophic injuries. Its is ranked 3rd in the world, only under Rugby and Cave Diving in terms of death and catastrophic injuries. Hockey ranks between 8th and 10th

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What is a ice hocky strike?

When the players in the National Hockey League Player's Association (NHLPA) refuse to play in a season for a particular reason.

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How did hocky become a Olympic winter sport?

Im not sure how it became an olympic sport for the winter games but this may shed a little light on it first off hockey was an outdoor sport a long time ago when there were only about 5 or 6 teams playing in the nhl also hockey is one of the oldest winter sport games around so this also maybe why it (MORE)

How many games in hocky playoffs?

During the play-offs, a team must win a minimum of 16 games and a maximum of 28 games to win the Stanley Cup, there are 4 round, best of 7 games.

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What are the reasons for manipur blockade?

Senapati District in the state of Manipur is the place where this controversy has arisen. Actually this district is dominated by the Kukis and the Nagas. The Kukis in their demand for a separate district of Sadar Hill have caused this blockade. In retaliation to this blockade the Nagas have also imp (MORE)

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How many players are in hocky in each side?

6 Skaters on the ice for each time at any given time, this includes the goalie. This number obviously changes when penalties are in effect. 3 Offensive players; Left Winger, Center, and Right Winger; 2 defensemen and one goalie is generally the most common lineup set.

Can a referee end a hocky game early?

Yes a ref can end the game for two main reason usually A:In a none fight league the teams can get suspended for a couple of games. B: The ref feels things are getting out of control and end the game as a draw.

Why Indian force at manipur is so harshful to manipuri people?

every country has army with good and bad peo ple,even India has good and bad peo ple in there army too.it dose not mean that whole indian army hate them.about 99% of all India love maniur and its peo ple and only 1% peo ple from indian army hate them for there perso (MORE)

Where is located manipur?

in the north-eastern part of India, also one the seven sisters of north eastern india.it is a state bodering to burma.

What do you need to play hocky?

First and foremost you'll need a good attitude, a willingness to learn (and to fall, repeatedly and regularly while you learn). Secondly you'll need a sheet of ice on which to play. You'll generally find this at your local Ice Rink or Arena (look for "Ice Rink" in your phonebook or online [also ad (MORE)

What rhymes with hocky?

All real words! 2 syllables : aki, brockie, cockey, cocky, docie, hockey , jockey , khaki, lockey, lockie, machi, maki, rockey, saki , shockey, skrocki, stocky , trocki, yockey, zachi, zaki 3 syllables : adachi, araki, cichocki, disc jockey , disk jockey, field hockey , ice hock (MORE)

Is hocky better than tennis?

That's only a matter of personal interest. Personally I like tennis better, but the answer depends on who you ask.

What is a field hocky ball made of?

The ball is spherical, hard and made of plastic (sometimes over a cork core) and is often covered with indentations to reduce hydroplaning that can cause an inconsistent ball speed on wet surfaces.

What is ice hocky?

ice hockey is a sport with 2 teams 2 nets and a puck. Each team has a goalie with a lot of padding on. Ice hockey has 3 quarters that are 15 min long. You can "check" or hit a person with your own body but not with the hockey stick. And some times you might get in a fist fight until some one gets kn (MORE)

How much does an amature ice hocky player get?

By "amateur", I assume you mean "youth". There is no (legal) professional youth ice hockey player. Should the youth receive any sort of compensation from his or her organization other than financial aid, they violate NCAA rules, and he or she would not be allowed to participate in NCAA athletics.

What are the factor which hamper quality education in manipur?

Like all other systems in Manipur, the system of education is also corrupt that turn sides with those who are rich and well to do. With powers and money corrupting the system, it has failed to provide fair and quality education to the masses. One may try to differentiate between the educations syste (MORE)

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