What is the name of simbas girlfriend in the Lion King?

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Her name is Nala, she is mischievous as a cub, and loyal and sensible as an adult.
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How old is kid Simba from the Lion King?

6 or 7 months old. The tuft of his tail seemed all forned, and that is with lions around 7 months, wheras it starts to form only from 5½ months on. Also, he asked Timon and Pumbaa for meet to eat which lion cubs don't eat until at least 6 months old. And, in an earlier script version (from August (MORE)

Who is the voice of Simba in ''The Lion King''?

VoiceOver ~\n Cub Simba - Jonathan Taylor Thomas\n Teen Simba - Matthew Broderick\n Adult Simba - Matthew Broderick\n Adult Simba [ Lion King 2 ] - Cam Clarke\n \n Singing ~\n Cub Simba - Jason Weaver\n Adult Simba - Joseph Williams\n. \n. \n Hope I helped! ;D

Who voices Simba in The Lion King?

Simba is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas (cub) and Matthew Broderick (adult). Simba's singing is done by Jason Weaver (cub) and Joseph Williams (adult).

In the Lion King why did Simba banish Kopa?

Kopa doesn't exist in canon as is evident from the film makers's commentary track on the DVD. He is only in the fanfiction children books, and even in them, Simba doesn't banish him. Nothing fatal happens to Kopa in those books.

Does Simba from the Lion King ever die?

According to the movies, Simba has not yet died. If Disney ever decides to make another Lion King movie, it is possible Simba may not be in it. But as of now, no-- Simba is not dead.

Why does Simba run away in The Lion King?

Simba is tricked by his evil uncle Scar into believing that he's to blame for his father's death. Scar suggests that the others won't understand that he didn't mean to cause his father's death, and tells Simba to run away as far as he can.

Do you have lion king the end of time for simba movie?

Do You mean,.. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Lion King the end of time for simba Movie) , it was out On November 23rd, 1999.... Then it was out again in 2004 but with a special addition, so im assuming that most people have it on DVD, although i don't, you can probably still get it from shops i (MORE)

Who sings Simba songs in Lion King?

Jason Weaver does the singing voice of young Simba in The Lion King while Joseph Williams does the singing voice of adult Simba. In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride , Cam Clarke sings as Simba heard in "We are One". Evan Saucedo sings as young Simba in "The Morning Report" seen only on the Special (MORE)

What about Simba from ''The Lion King''?

Simba as a cub dreamed of being king. His father, Mufasa, was soon killed by his evil uncle Scar. Scar tricked Simba into leaving the pridelands so he could become king. Scar told all the lionesses that Simba was killed along with his father. Simba grew up with Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warth (MORE)

How old was Simba in Lion King 2?

Simba was around 5 years old at the end of The Lion King .Since The Lion King II implies it takes place right afterthe original, he is at least 5 years old when the movie begins andit takes another 5 years for Kiara to fully mature into an adult,so Simba is at least 5-10 years throughout the enti (MORE)

Who created Simba from ''The Lion King''?

According to a research website, Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff, DonHahn, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and Brenda Chapman came into astory meeting to discuss what the story should be; what emerged wasa character known as Simba. Irene Meechi came onto the story teamin summer 1992 to further develop the char (MORE)

Who created simba from the Lion King?

Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff, Don Hahn, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and Brenda Chapman came into a story meeting to discuss what the story of The Lion King should be; what emerged was a character known as Simba. So, the names listed above can be credited for creating Simba.

Did simba really have a son and is there really a lion king 3?

Since you're obviously talking about the movie universe; no, he did not really have a son. The first film's creators, on the commentary track of the film, call the cub at the end Fluffy and don't refer to it as any gender. Thus it's not a son in the film. And the sequel film's official trailer uses (MORE)

Who is simba from the Lion King?

Simba is the main character in the Lion King. Throughout the movie, we watch him grow up and learn new things as sudden events occur during his life. He's an amazing and heartwarming character.

Does Sarabi give birth to Simba in the lion king?

No, she does not. The movie starts the morning of baby Simba's presentation and baby Simba is already too big and his eyes are open; as in he's not that newly born. He was born in the least couple of days, likely more like couple of weeks, before the movie's timeline.

Who are the cubs of Simba and Nala in the 2 movie of the Lion King?

They only have one cub: daughter Kiara. Yes, the cub at the end of the first film and its ceremony appear completely different from Kiara's, but officially they still are the same cub in essence. Because on the commentary track of the film its creators did not give it an identity but refered to the (MORE)

Does simba from Lion King ever die?

No. He is the star of the movie. The hero of the whole plot. He does not die in the end. His son in law joins him as pride leader that's all.

Why is simba from The Lion King is important to the company that made it?

Simba from the 1994 release The Lion King is important to the company that made it because in the first movie he was the main character and the lion king. He was in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride which he and Nala had a daughter named Kiara. But Kiara was the first main charater of the movie and Sim (MORE)

What are simba and nara's cubs name of Lion King?

Officially they have only one cub, no matter what part of the franchise you look at, and its name depends on which part you look at. . In the first movie alone it does not have an official real name nor gender as on the film's commentary track its creators called it only a unisex nickname "Fluffy (MORE)

Who is more famous simba from the lion king or chewbacca?

Likely Simba from The Lion King . Because even though Star Wars is famous and extremely popular, its specific characters are mostly known by fans of its story and perhaps the genre in general, while Chewbacca is only a sidekick character that doesn't even contribute much to the series. Whereas T (MORE)

Who was young simba in the Lion King?

Young Simba is simba but young. Young Simba grow when Young Simba following timon and pumba. I don't know who's Teen Simba. Teen Simba has a voice actor in lion king 3 or 1/2. Only part

Who was Simba and Nala's baby's name in The Lion King?

At the very end of the first film, the cub wasn't given a specific name nor addressed as a male or female. However, the filmmakers gave the cub a jokename, "Fluffy", but in The Lion King II , the cub was officially renamed Kiara.

How old was Simba at the end of The Lion King?

There is no official simple information. But the film makers used real lions to help the designs, and the 1993 script versions puts cub Simba at 6-7 months of age, on the 1995 Laserdisc release he is stated to have lived for years in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa, and the adult Simba's mane is no (MORE)

How old was simba on Lion King 2?

At the beginning he was either 5-years old or 7-years old. At the end he was either 8-years old or 10-years old. Because, according to the Laserdisc release and the commentary track of the first film, the adult Simba was perhaps 5-7 years old. So, he was 5-7 years old at the beginning of The Lion Ki (MORE)