What is the name of that SCIFI show where about 5 people need to save the earth after they were shown what was going to happen and were sent back in time The intro had the earth exploding?

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Odyssey 5
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When will the earth explode?

The Earth will not explode. In about 5 billion years time, the Sun will have burnt all of it's hydrogen and will expand into a Red Giant. It's outer envelope will extend to th

Is the earth going to explode?

The Earth will not explode. The Sun in about 5 billion year will become a supergiant and it's outer envelope will almost touch the surface of the Earth. All life and the su

Can earth explode?

That would be very unlikely. An enormous amount of energy would be required for that - to leave the Earth completely, an object on the surface would require a speed of 11.2 ki

When the earth explode?

If we let this global warming go on.. the earth will explode on year 2023!! This is said by certified scientist...

What will happen when the earth explodes?

Well, by that time, no humans will be here so to us this wont really matter but the only thing that i could think of that since earth also has a gravitational pull though smal

What would happen if earth exploded?

The Earth can't explode. Even if we blew up all the atomic weapons ever created, it wouldn't even put a dent in the earth. If you ignore the impossibility of it actually happe