What is the name of the actress in Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift?

what is the name of the actress in fast and the furious Tokyo drift
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What kind of car vin diesel drive in the movie fast and the furious Tokyo drift?

The car is a highly customized 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner built by Pure Vision and dubbed "Hammer." The actual vehicle started life as the base model Satellite but during custom (MORE)

What cars does Sean drive in the fast and the furious Tokyo drift?

A 1970 Monte Carlo against the Viper. A S15 against the 350z in his first drift race. He drove around Han's fortune Rx-7 until Han gave him a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI, a (MORE)
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Actor Ron Yuan suffers from vertigo, and so the faces he made when they shot him hanging out the window were real. Ron tried to put it off as long as possible, but director Ju (MORE)

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Who did the Special Effects in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift?

  according to http://www.imdb.com/ it was   Special Effects by   Bart Barber .... special effects technician James Bomalick .... special effects technician Kenneth (MORE)

Where was location and scenery of fast and furious Tokyo drift?

Long Beach, California, USA Hawthorne Plaza - 12124 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, California, USA (parking garage scenes) Los Angeles, California, USA Stage 28, Universal Studio (MORE)