What is the name of the first missile boat built in India?

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Who made the first missile?

The first missile that could carry a military payload was the V2, made by Werner von Braun, working for the Third Reich.

When was the first nuclear missile used?

Nuclear missiles have never been used. The only nuclear weapons ever used were bombs dropped on Hiroshima ('Little Boy' Aug 6, 1945) and Nagasaki ('Fat Man' Aug 9, 1945).

Where was the first mosque built in India?

Believed to be the first mosque in India, Cheraman Juma Masjid where the Juma prayers were started is situated in Methala Village of Kodungalloor taluk in the state of Kerala. Built around 629 AD, the mosque is unique in its appearance as it is based on a mixture of Arab and traditional Kerala art a (MORE)

When was the Kon-tiki boat built?

Thor Heyerdahl built the Kon-Tiki in 1947. He had a theory that a similarly built raft brought settlers from South America to the Polynesian islands. He wrote a book of the same name.

What is the name of the plane that shot missiles?

Answer That Question is too vague. There are many, many modern jets that fire missiles.. Not only are many modern jet aircraft designed to fire missiles, any modern jet aircraft with standard underwing pod hard points (commonly used for mounting bomb pods) can mount missile pods on those hard poi (MORE)

Who invented the first guided missile?

Louis Brennan (1852 -1932) From, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Inventor of the world's first guided missile - a torpedo like device which was used as an early coastal defence mechanism. Brennan also designed a monorail and helicopter.

What is the name of the first castle built called?

The very 1st castles built were called "Mote and Bailey" structions. These were very simple and somewhat primitive buildings compared to the massive stone castles we see today. None survive today as they were originally built of wood which quickly rots away. However, the concept of the mote and bai (MORE)

When were the first railways in India built?

when a train with 14 railway carriages and 400 guests left Bombay's Bori Bunder for Thane, with a 21-gun salute. It was hauled by three locomotives: Sindh, Sultan, and Sahib. The journey took an hour and fifteen minutes. That, however, was just the first commercial passenger service in India. In fac (MORE)

When was the first boat built?

It has been thought that no date could be put on when the first boat was built as it is likely that as with such innovations, the wheel is another example, which pre-date history many individuals and societies would have used some method of water transport. With the lack of communication each would (MORE)

Name of person of first engineer of India?

Mokshamundam Vishweshwaraiyya-Civil Engineer He is not the first engineer. Infact he was the greatest engineer of those times. His Birthday is what we celebrate as 'Engineer's Day'

Who is known as the missile women of India?

That is scientist Tessy Thomas who was appointed Director of a special Agni missile project in 2008. She will lead a project in Hyderabad to develop an Agni missile with advanced technologies.

What is another name for submarine missiles?

If you are speaking of rocket missiles- as torpedoes are technically missiles- as would be bullets or other projectile weapons- there are different types: Polaris, Trident, and of course the various Soviet (now-ex-Soviet) equivalents. There is also a Poseidon nuclear missile designed for submarine d (MORE)

When was the first official boat built?

It was made at the end of the 5th nazi zombie war when obama ordered the hit on the last zombie named osamab bin zombie. They made the first boat for his body to be lost at sea

What was the name of the first electric train in India?

DECCAN QUEEN - The first electric train in India was named as DECCAN QUEEN which started in 1929 and travelled from Kalyan to Pune the first electric train in India was named as DECCAN QUEEN which started in 1929 and travelled from kalyan to pune....

Who built the first steam boat?

Robert Fulton * Added - Although Fulton developed the frst commercial steamboat, many steamboats were built long before. The first recorded successful steamboat was built by Denis Papin, travelling on its first trip in 1707, a 15 mile trip on the Fulda River.

What was the name of the first U-boat ever made?

U-boat is a German term for a submarine. Germany made their first submarine in 1895 but they were not referred to as "U-boats". Germany built some submarines for Russia and other countries.\n. \nThe first one build for the German Navy was built in 1905. This was the "Karp" class which had a doubl (MORE)

Where was first boat built?

Evidence suggests that boats were first used over 40,000 years ago, though people do not know where exactly. Boats were used as transporting goods from one place to another. The first boats were most likely made up of logs to make rafts.

What is the first name of India?

Bharat is the first name of India. Proud Indians always say "Mera Bharat Mahan". And it really is...India is a great democratic country.

How many pt boats were built?

Elco built about 326 wooden boats, Higgins built about 200; and a British company Vosper built about 50; Huckins, another firm built about 18 more. The Vosper was exported to Europe and not used by the USN, the Huckins was not used in combat. So, over 500 USN PT boats were built and saw action in W (MORE)

Who was the first to create the nuclear missile?

An ICBM, or an intercontinental ballistic missile is what most newsmedia, historians, and military officials refer to when they say"nuclear missile". The short answer is that the Soviet Union was the first to beginthe tests for nuclear missiles (faster than the U.S. by around 26days), but an actual (MORE)

When was the first metal boat built?

The first metal battleships were made during theAmerican civil war by both sides simultaneously during their battle neither ship was destroyed but the North had a wooden ships destroyed. This showed that the metal ship was to be the future of warfare.

Who first built boats?

Recently discovered in Egypt, the Abydos Boats are estimated to be 5000 years old and are now known to be the World's oldest boats

What was the name of the first u-boat made?

The first German U-boat, U1, was adapted from a batch of 4 to 5 (sources vary) German submarines built for export to Russia during the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905. After the war in 1906, the U1 was commissioned into the German navy.

When was Mexico's first boat built?

You mean ever? First boats were used to transport people from the mainland to the several islands close to the Mexican shore, some 2,200 years ago. That is the way islands such as Cozumel were populated by Mayan people during the 2nd century B.C.

What is the name of air to air missile?

In Vietnam the US used Sparrows & Sidewinder air to air missiles. But ultimately the gun (20mm) proved to be a most commonly used weapon; by far by the NVAF MiG 17 & 19s.

Who built the first torpedo boat?

The British Royal Navy built the first boat to launchself-propelled torpedoes in 1877. They followed up with new designsright up till WW1 and on. The Italian Navy also built many earlytorpedo boats and used them to great effect in WW1.

When was the first M45 missile used?

The M45 submarine-launched ballistic missile was first tested in 1986. It was fired in 2004 from the Vigilant at a target near French Guinea, which it hit.