What is the name of the kid's Television show that use to be on in the 90's about a young girl who would travel to a magical forest and visit her forest friend's. Is it The Happy Forest?

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The Enchanted Forest!
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What is forest?

a forest is like the woods, ants, owls, foxes, hedgeogs and lots more live their.

What is a forest?

Forest is a habitat for animals such as: tigers, elephants anddeers (etc). It is also a place with lots of trees and plants.Forests are very important too, because it provide us wood from itstrees and medical herbs from its plants. i have 0 trusts because i am still new but i know alot aboutthings. (MORE)

What does a forester do?

A forester protects the woods by overseeing the various activities that go on in there. He keeps watch on hunters or woodcutters and checks their illegal activities. He takes care of the animals and organizes protection systems.

Uses of forests?

Answer . the most important function of a forest is the ecosystem services it provides us free of cost. . prevents soil erosion Abhinav

Do forests have names?

Some do, in the sense that people have attached labels to them. There's the Black Forest, for example.

What are the names of forests?

There are too many forrests to name here; A few Forrest names include: . Black Forrest . Hocking Forrest . Mt Airy Forrest . Amazon Forrest . Sherwood Forrest

Do Girl Scouts camp out in the forest?

My mom used to be a Girl Scout and she says that they would sometimes go on camping trips. It depends on the troop and what the girls want to do. If you are interested in camping, then you should try to find a troop that likes to camp. If you are old enough, there are special scout groups called (MORE)

What is the Best redwood forest to visit?

It's a tough question to answer as it all depends on what appeals to you personally. In my opinion, the most beautiful forests are those found in Prairie Creek Redwoods and Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Parks. These places have the largest trees and the most lush and diverse flora. Though much talle (MORE)

What are the uses of a forest?

The forest can be a habitat for animals and give oxygen out from carbon dioxide, can be cut down to timber to make houses, and etcetera

What are the uses of forest?

They produce large amounts of oxygen and absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, thereby helping to regulate the gases in the earth's atmosphere.

What can you get from forest?

forests give us tangible benefits ( which can be quantified in money) and non-tangible benefits ( which cannot be quantified easily). Tangible benefits include timber, fuelwood, medicinal plants , fodder, grasses , fruits, berries and various food articles. Forests also contain fertile soil, mineral (MORE)

What is forestation?

A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Forestationrefers to the planting of trees in order to build a forest.

What do you use from the forest?

We use wood for . homes . furniture We also get some fruits from forests for example banana or apples and lots of more stuff but I suggest u go on a different website to know what else we use from forests

What do forests do for us?

climate control, prevents soil erosion, cleans the air we breath, helps from flooding, and also, oxygen for us to breath.

Were is the magical forest?

Glad you brought this up, as Hollywood is right now. In one brand of the Enchanted or Magical Forest, occult powers DO NOT WORK , ( But wild animals are on the prowl!) sort of like a wildlife refuge but occult powers have NO effect. Not a bad idea if you ask me. Watch out for that Giant Tapir, I nev (MORE)

How would you describe a scary forest?

WikiAnswers will not write your paragraph for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell (MORE)

Why are forests useful?

Forests are useful because the by-product that plants, and trees make during photosyntyhesis is oxygen which all living things need. Plants also take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere during this process, and makes sugar.

What is the name of the kid's tv show with magic tricks?

Amazing world of Alakazam was one of the few Magic-themed live action Tv shows. host was Mark Wilson, aided by his wife Nanni Darnell- who looked something else in what was obviously a Black Empire gown! there were a few juvenile characters who moved props around.

How do you use the forest?

Forests are inextricable from our life sutainment as they have lot of trees which make oxygen and they purify air. All these adds uo to make great amount of changes of in the enviornment. Trees also give us with many products such as timber, latex, gum, fruits et vegetables.

Forest forest land area of US?

The average land area of forest land in US is 190 million acres (297,000 mi²/769 000 km²) which consist of 155 national forests.

What can you do for a forest?

Join a wild life federation that specifies in forests, have apetition signed to save the forest, or physically help the forestby planting new trees

How do you get the forest on harvest moon island of happiness?

To unlock the forest, you have to unlock Gannon, who automatically appears on 11 Spring (Or around that date, anyway). Tell him to build the bridge to the meadow, and after the bridge is built and you discover it and meet the harvest sprite there and yada yada yada, you can go back to Gannon's and a (MORE)

What would you see in a forest?

Well, When i went inside a forest at a dead end there wasn't much to see like in movies. There wasn't bears or anything like big. I only saw: . Deers . Alot of worms . Ants . Branches . This weird guy staring at us Thats it. Well i hope that answered your question :)

Who do you have forests?

We needed forest at first to get fire wood from and it would be a good place to hunt and get shelter, but seeing as now we have shelter don't need to hunt it is a good environment for animal to live in.

How would you feel in a forest?

I woukd feel free and alive in the forest. because there are no cars to run me over or someone yelling at me for taking to long to cross the roads. I would feel at peace and calm with myself.

Why would people want to visit a tropical forest?

People would want to visit a tropical forest because they want to research the indigenous flora or fauna. They may possibly want to see what kind of stuff they can find to take pictures of. Scientists are always looking for new species, and a tropical forest is great place to search. People ma (MORE)

Is there a book called the girl in the forest?

We can locate at least seven books with this title. The first "The Stalker" book we found is by Joan Lowery Nixon. Itis a young-adult horror-thriller-fiction. The ISBN is 0440977533. The second "The Stalker" book we found is by Carol Ellis. It is ayoung-adult book about a stalked celebrity called (MORE)

How do you be a little girl on endless forest?

c lick the red dot and go to the one on the bottom of network and click"play as fawn" and you will be a fawn "just so you know it on endless forest my name is lilly i am looking for a mate and a fawn" "if your thinking you can't mate on endless forest" hoped this helped :-D

Is the girl in lostlorn forest a Pokemon?

Yes. In the camper in the forest (by the hiker) there is a lady who doesn't talk. If you have a shiny Suicune, Raikou or Entei (note only from events) first in your party, she will become Zoroark (evolved form of Zorua) and attack you.

What do forests have in them?

forets have about 4 layers the first layer is the very top of big trees second layer is the middle of big trees and the tops of smaller but big trees third is the tops of shrubs and mamals live. and the forest floor is last this is basiclly the ground level and there are worms and stuff. c (MORE)

Why would people burn forests?

sometimes people don't know that thez are burning forestes and thez don't knou that it is so dangerous for our environnement

Where is the VIN on a Forester Travel Trailer?

on the tongue - the last two numbers will be the year it was assembled (not necessarily the model year... mine is a 1968, but the VIN ends in 67 because it was built in Nov. of 67.) On one side of the tongue will be the VIN, on the other will be the part number from the manufacturer of the tongue. I (MORE)

What do you get from the forest?

You get eaten by a wolf from the forest. You get berries from the forest. You get lost in the forest. You die in the forest. You get trolled in a forest. You answer this question in the forest.