What is the name of the king in The Tempest?

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Alonso is the King of Naples and father of Ferdinand.
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What is The Tempest based on?

Apparently when this was written Native Americans where being invaded by Europeans and being forced to drink alcohol like Caliban is being forced to buy Trinculo and Stephano. That's a difficult question. ignore its not true

What is a tempest?

a tempest is a codename refering to a investigations and studies of compromising emanations A storm

What happens in the tempest?

The tempest is about a group of people who get shipwrecked on a island (Miranda and prospero) and then they try and take over the island and enslave a native monster/man called Caliban and also imprison a island spirit called Ariel, after a few weeks Miranda stumbles across another person called Fer (MORE)

Who is Caliban in The Tempest?

Cuz hez da bad-guy!!. Caliban is the "slave" of Prospero. Prospero and Miranda, his daughter, used to like Caliban but once he tried to sexually assault Miranda. Caliban's mother was a witch called Sycorax who was the actual owner of the island, but she died. Caliban believes that the island should (MORE)

Who is prospero in the tempest?

Prospero is the main character: the magical father of Miranda who lives on the island and controls all its inhabitants. He struggles in his relationships to Ariel and Caliban as well as with the forgiveness of the nobles that ousted him from his Dukedom.

What does tempest mean?

Tempest is a word used to describe a very violent storm. Usuallythis type of storm will have high winds and will cause damage.

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The mummy discovered and referred to as "the Younger Lady" isthought to be the mother of King Tutankhamun. Unfortunately as ofthis time there have been no solid claims made as to what themummy's actual name is or who she was when she was alive. There arevarious theories surrounding the mummy and as (MORE)

Who is Ariel in the Tempest?

Ariel is a sprite who seems to represent human imagination. In the play Ariel is a theatrical device which enables the hero Prospero to have remote control over his enemies. It is Ariel who sinks his enemies ship , locks up the crew, leads others to dance in the pool and so on. ------------------- (MORE)

Names of kings?

The monarchy of the Kingdom of England began with Alfred the Great. He was succeeded by Edward the Elder. The last King of Englandwas George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II.

What is the tempest about?

The Tempest is about a duke who gave his power to his brother for a while but then the duke wanted to have his power back and so his brother dumped him and his 3 year old daughter in a boat to starve but one of his close friends had secretly put food and water in the boat so he could live. By the ti (MORE)

Whats the tempest about?

The Tempest is Shakespeare's final play and generally consideredthe only one he wrote entirely "for himself." The plot concerns awizard who lives on an island to himself who manifests a storm toshipwreck sailors venturing to close and the ensuing fallout whenone falls in love with the wizard's daugh (MORE)

Theme of the tempest?

The Tempest . Theme and Motifs . The Tempest is overtly concerned with its own nature as a play, frequently drawing links between Prospero's Art and theatrical illusion. The shipwreck was a "spectacle" "performed" by Ariel; Antonio and Sebastian are "cast" in a "troop" to "act"; Miranda's eyeli (MORE)

What are all the characters' names in the play Tempest which Shakespeare wrote?

Prospero - Wizard and Exiled Duke Of Milan Miranda - His Daughter Caliban - A Monster on the island forced ot serve Prosepro Sycorax - Calibans mother, killed by Prospero Ariel - A spirit, enslaved by prospero Ferdinand - A Prince Gonzalo - A kind man, who helped prospero and Miranda esc (MORE)

What is the summary of the tempest?

The Tempest by William Shakespeare is about a man called Prospero the rightful Duke of Milan, has been living on a primitive island with his fifteen-year-old daughter, Miranda, for the past 12 years. This was all caused by Propero's brother Antonio claiming that he is the rightful Duke of Milan, (MORE)

King in The Tempest?

The king in Shakespeare's The Tempest is Alonso. One of two characters responsible for the usurpation of Prospero, Duke of Milan, he is also the father of Ferdinand.

What is tempest about?

The Tempest by William Shakespeare is about a man called Prospero ( the rightful ) Duke of Milan and his daughter Miranda get put on a boat to die, when thankfully get washed up on this island.. This was all caused by Propero's brother Antonio claiming that he is the rightful Duke of Milan. Anto (MORE)

What is the name of the island of exile in The Tempest by W Shakespeare?

The Tempest is set on a fictional Island, which many scholars agree is meant to be located in the Mediterranean Sea. Another reading suggests that it takes place in the New World, as some parts read like records of English and Spanish conquest in the Americas. Still others argue that the Island can (MORE)

Storyline of the tempest?

The Tempest is about a man called Prospero, who used to be Duke of Milan but was soon betrayed by his own brother called Antonio whilst Prospero studied magic. He was sent out to sea on a boat with his daughter called Miranda, who has never seen a man except her dad and Caliban (who comes up at a la (MORE)

Who is Tempest?

Tempest isn't a person, it's the title of a play written by William Shakespeare, which has been made into a film.

Who is trinculo in the tempest?

Trincula, a jester, was a minor member of the shipwrecked party who had escaped the tempest and reached the island safely.

The tempest who was on the ship?

Alonso is the King of Naples Sebastian is Alonso's brother Antonio, the usurping Duke of Milan, is Prospero's brother ferdinand is Alonso's son

What was the tempest about?

The Tempest is set on a desert island. The wizardProspero and his daughter Miranda live there with Ariel, the sprite, Caliban, the monster-slave-thing, and other spirits. Prospero was once the duke of Milan, but his brother Antonio usurped the dukedom and banished with Miranda to the ocean, and they (MORE)

How old is the tempest?

It is thought to have been written in 1610 - 11, although it has been dated earlier by some researchers. It was originally published as a comedy in the First Folio in 1623. It has also been catagorized as one of Shakespeare's late romances.

How is the tempest a comedy?

None of the characters die, there is a betrothal at the end, and there is some humour (for example when Stephano and Trinculo are drinking, and through the spirits, such as Ariel).

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What is the context of the tempest?

Colonialism - many critics, known as 'post-colonial' critics,believe that Shakespeare wrote 'The Tempest' in response to awidely-circulated letter by William Strachey, detailing the accountof a shipwreck and life in the Bermudas with 'cannibals.'Shakespeare would probably have seen this letter. 'Cal (MORE)

Why is the tempest a romance?

It is actually considered a comedy but one reason for thinking it is a romance could be that Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love.

What are facts about the tempest?

Author - William Shakespeare Genre - romance Language - Elizabethan English Time - 1610 - 11 Place written - England Setting - island in the Mediterranean sea probably off the coast of Italy.

In the tempest who is Ferdinand?

Ferdinand is the son of Alonso, King of Naples. He is separated from his father and companions following the shipwreck and stumbles upon Prospero and Miranda. He falls in love with Miranda and later becomes her husband.

What leader's name was Lion King?

in the 13th legacy the tribe leader know as gibachi hang was elected as the lion king when he had fought off a lion from killing a baby

What are symbols in the tempest?

Caliban-represents inferiority/view of African Americans and how whites viewed blacks as inferior and unchangable Prospero-represents revenge and misuse of power. Prospero brings Alonso,Anthonio and Sebastian in an attempt to teach them a lesson and for him to regain his kingdom. Ferdinand and Miran (MORE)

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It really depends, it could be a actual name or simply a name the king wants to be called. King Arthur King Bob --- Or they can make up a name King Forge The Great King Ash the Wicked King Harsh King Destroyer

What is the moral of the tempest?

The Tempest was not written to communicate a moral; it was not written for a Sunday School Class. It was written to entertain. The audience may derive a better understanding of something by means of the action of the play, but that depends entirely on what the audience wants to take away from it. I (MORE)

Who was drinking in the Tempest?

Stephano the butler and Trinculo the jester. They also give alcohol to Caliban, Prospero's slave, in order to win him over to their side.

Who were the people in the tempest?

Ariel and Caliban are not really people. The characters who are people are: Prospero, Miranda, Sebastian, Alonzo, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo, Trinculo, Stephano.

Who is iris in the tempest?

To celebrate Miranda's engagement, Prospero conjures up a masque with different Roman goddesses, including Iris, goddess of dawn.

When will Tempest be released?

A film version of The Tempest, directed by Julie Taymor and starring Helen Mirren as Prospero, was released in 2010 and is now available in DVD form. It is a visually exciting film and also makes the story reasonably comprehensible. There have of course been film and TV versions of the Tempest goin (MORE)

Who is the villain in the tempest?

Probably Antonio and Sebastian because they let greed and power consume then. They planned to kill the king. Hope this is what your looking for.