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What is the name of the movie on Stalingrad called?

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"Enemy at the Gates" (2001). Stars Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, Joseph Fiennes, Bob Hoskins, Ron Perlman.
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What is Stalingrad?

Stalingrad is the name of a city in Russia, which used to be called Tsaritsyn from 1589 to 1925 when the name was changed to Stalingrad. Now it is called Volgograd because o

What is the current name for Stalingrad?

  Answer   Volgograd - though there is constant lobbying for the name to be changed back to Stalingrad, as Russians remain extremely proud of the WW2 batttle there.

When was Leningrad named Stalingrad?

It wasn't. They are two separate cities.   As a result of the Communist Revolution in 1917, the Soviets renamed some of their cities to erase the memory of living under the

What is previous name for Stalingrad?

  The city once called Stalingrad was originally called Tsaritsin (from 1598 until 1925).   In 1925 it was renamed Stalingrad after Josef Stalin successfully defended i

New name for Stalingrad?

Stalingrad, an industrial city located on the western bank of the  lower Volga River in Russia, earned great fame during World War II  as the site of the 1942/43 battle betw

Why is the movie the name of the rose called the name of the rose?

The peasant girl is not the rose, It is rather Aristotle's comedy on laughter, which is destroyed by the fire in the library. In the book, one of the last sentences is "Stat R