What is the name of the song in the football commercial that has the quote it's good to be rich it's either an ESPN or nfl network commercial I think?

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The title is called "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic
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What is the song in the Cingular commercial that goes 'it's good to hear your voice you know it's been so long'?

\n. \n Song in Commercial \n. \nThe name of the song is "Hanging on the Telephone," originally by The Nerves (1976).\n. \nIt was also recorded by Blondie in 1978.\n. \nThe current cover reversion is sung by Cat Power.\n. \nChan Marshall from the band Cat Power is the one who re-recorded "Ha (MORE)

What are the lyrics for song featured in the Fruit of the Loom commercial where it's raining?

Fruit of the Loom Song Lyrics Daddy wears his tee shirt in the cold Kentucky rainWhile a boy in pure white briefs looks outThe foggy window paneAnd even though his hamster diedHe find comfort, this I swear 'Cause you can't over-love your underwear'Cause comfort ain't just found in teddy bearsThere (MORE)

Who sings the song in the new dell xps one commercial I think it's the song que sera sera but I am not positive?

I was looking for this too! It is Jennifer Terran "Que Sera Sera". If you go to www.creativity-online.com and in their search engine type... Dell: out with the old...the whole commercial is there along with the credits of everyone involved with the commercial. Answer jennifer terran - que sera se (MORE)

What is the Song on The Riches Commercial?

First set of commercials (like 6 months before the show): Floating by Julee Cruise . Second set of commercials (much closer to the start of the show): Happy Alone by Earlimart

Who sings the song and what's it's name in the Apple commercial?

\nGiven the timing of this question's posting (early 2008), I'm assuming it's referring to the song used in the commercial for the MacBook Air, which was announced in January 2008, and began shipping in February 2008.\n. \nThe song used in the ad is called "New Soul," and it's by an artist named Ya (MORE)

I am looking for a song from a commercial that has a woman singing and I I looove you it's not the cat power debeers song This song is a bit more up tempo?

If it's the ad I think it is, it's the Toronto Dominion (TD) Friends of the Environment ad and the lyrics of this particular part are "...they're really saying I, I love you" The song is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, sung by Norah Jones. I just found it myself a week ago. Edit: Actually, I think th (MORE)

Do people who have bought the 400 version of Ab Coaster think it's well constructed or would they buy a commercial version if they were to buy again?

I have had one since Jan 08. It is very well constructed - no need to upgrade unless it will get constant use (health club, hotel, etc). I expected it to be well built for the $400 price, which includes delivery, so I guess it is really more like $325 or so...but again, it is extremely well built an (MORE)

Music in GM commercial lyrics include it's blue?

The Story* By:Brandi Carlile All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell them to It's true…I was made for you I climbed acros (MORE)

What song is playing in the new walmart commercial it's summer time it's summer time yeah it's summer time there is like a backyard bbq going on?

Yeah I want to know also!!!!!!. Actually, the song has familiar chord structure like "Baby, baby, baby" by TLC..."Buddy" by Musiq Soulchild..."Close The Door" by Teddy Pendergrass..."For the Lover In You" bt Shalamar....etc. It's very catchy and even though it sounds like you've heard it, they actu (MORE)

What is the song in the NFL shop commercials?

The song is "You Don't Own Me", which was a hit by Lesley Gore. You can hear her version on the album recorded in 1963 "Lesley Gore Sings Of Mixed-Up Hearts". HOWEVER, the version on the NFL commercial is a cover by April Smith and the Great Picture Show. You can confirm that on their website. That (MORE)

What is the name of the song on the food network Sunday commercial?

It took some major digging, but I finally found it. The song is a remake of Poe's Walk the Walk (AKA The Beat of My Own Drum). This is the best version of the song on You Tube. Just in case, the movie is Serenity, and it is an awesome movie, I would highly recommend watching it. http://www.yo (MORE)

What is the name of the song on the commercial for ABDC?

The song used in the ABDC commercial in which Season 4 Winners "We Are Heroes" appear is a song from Canadian DJ Deadmau5. The song is called "Moar Ghosts N Stuff". You can just put "Ghosts N Stuff" on YouTube or whatever...and yeah, it'll appear.

What kind of dog is in the nfl network commercial?

My dog Cosmo half labrador half brindle boxer I believe it is a Cans Corso. The tail is docked, and breed standards allow the ears to be cropped or left natural. Cane Corsos are a Mastiff breed, which account for their size, and drooling!

Is ESPN good for NFL football?

"Espn is good for football because you can keep up with the latest scores, as they happen. It is beneficial for the football enthusiast that just can't do without the latest scores and rankings because they did not get to watch all the games."