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What is the name of the song on stewie's mix tape?

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the original song is called cars by Gary Numan.
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What was Stewie's girlfriend's name?

He's never had a proper girlfriend but you might be thinking of either Janet from "Dammit Janet" or Olivia from "From Method to Madness"

How do you get your dj name mixed in on a mix tape?

You will need an audio editing program. You want to upload the song to a track and then create another track. On the empty track you will record your name or whatever else you

What is Stewie's reputation?

He's a year old, he doesn't have one. Although it could be said, he was once known as a matricidal genius bent on global domination

What is Stewie's personality?

His personality used to be homicidal towards his mother & thenhe became overtly homosexual but now the writers have lessened boththose and now he's fairly normal.