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What is the national bird of Ireland?

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There is no official national bird of Ireland.
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What is irelands state bird?

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What is Irelands national bird?

White Tailed Eagle Ireland does not have an official national bird/flower etc - the state emblem is the harp - the shamrock is an inofficial emblem

What is the pantrent saint bird of Ireland?

Saint Gall is considered the patron saint of birds in Ireland.  Purportedly, he performed a successful exorcism on a woman whose  demon exited through her mouth in the form

What birds migrate to northern Ireland?

  the answer is brent geese! ur welcome. here are some facts: 40 000 brent geese in world and 29 000 migrate to strangford lough, co.down northern ireland. i should know i

What nation is Ireland in?

Ireland is a nation itself. If you are talking about Northern Ireland, then technically it is part of the United Kingdom.

What bird is called a king in Ireland?

The wren is the King of birds and is celebrated on December 26 -- the Wrens Day - one song sung on that day begins - "The wren, the wren, the king of all birds, St. Stephen'
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What birds come to Ireland in the summer?

Lots of birds come to Ireland in the spring and summer. These include swallows, sand martins, house martins, willow warblers, spotted flycatchers, sedge warblers, and cuckoos