What is the national unemployment rate in Canada?

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As of December 2009, the unemployment rate in Canada is 8.4%
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Is outsourcing raising the unemployment rate?

In the case of the United States, yes it does. It also contributes to the crisis by allowing the loss of capital, and if the government does not do anything about that, it ultimately could contribute to the downfall of the United States as a worldwide capital power. This should serve as an example t (MORE)

Which city in Canada has the lowest unemployment?

As of December 3rd 2010, Quebec City has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada with a 4.4% rate, followed by Regina (4.9%), Winnipeg (5.4%), Saskatoon (5.6%) and Victoria (5.6%). See the Related Link below for more information (in French)

What is the unemployment rate in France?

In the third quarter of 2013, the unemployment rate in France was10.90%, down from the all time high between 1996 and 2013 of11.20%. For more about the unemployment rate in France, visit the RelatedLink.

Why is unemployment rate important?

The unemployment rate can be a good indication of the economy's state. High employment rates show a lack in the growth of the economy and vice versa. Also, high levels of unemployment result in a decrease in general consumption (people have less money to spend as they are searching for jobs) and thi (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate for black people?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, (in the Related Link below), in the month of March, 2010 the following African-Americans were unemployed: Ages 25 + :Male - 18.4%; Female - 10.1% Ages 16 and up: Males 21.3%; Female - 12.3%

What is the unemployment rate in Africa?

The last survey found that in 2007 the unemployment rate in SOUTH Africa was a low twenty-three percent. as the last survey of 2001 found the unemployment rate to be twenty-nine point four percent.

Region with the lowest wages and highest unemployment rate in Canada?

Both are measurements subject to qualifiers but Quebec is going to be high on the list as they have some of the best social programs. Sherbrooke for example is one of the poorest cities. Canada does not have the same programs in all regions. For example we have an Employment program to help those w (MORE)

How does automation affect unemployment rates?

Automation can be viewed as both a job creator as well as a job killer. It is a job creator by making it economically feasible to start a new business to manufacture a product that without automation would be far too expensive to produce. There are no factories that exist with zero workers. This is (MORE)

Who is included in the unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate is calculated by the number of people that have filed for unemployment benefits in each state. The figure can be somewhat misleading because this does not include the people who are not eligible for benefits, those that have exhausted benefits, or people that did not file for w (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate of Sao Paulo?

The current unemployment rate was 14.6 percent, against 16.9 percent in October, 2005. Unemployment has been in a falling trend since June this year. In September, the PED released an jobless rate of 15.3 percent.

Who does the official unemployment rate ignore?

Because the 'official rate' uses data from the unemployment offices (who record claims of the unemployed), those not counted are: 1) those who have run out of benefits and are no longer reporting to the state; 2) Those who have given up looking for work, for various reasons; 3) those who have just c (MORE)

When does the unemployment rate rise?

There are many factors that contribute to rising unemployment. Among them are: 1) Outsourcing by companies from areas of employment to improve their bottom line.. 2) Lack of consumer's confidence, causing them to save instead of spending. 3) Business anxieties of government actions regarding taxatio (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate for a pharmacist?

2.7% and increasing. It is only going to get worse. Until pre-pharmacy students find out that there is no job once they graduate as pharmacist and stop applying to pharmacy school, we are going to be flooded with pharmacists without pharmacies. If you are taking pre requisites and trying to apply to (MORE)

What is the unemployment tax rate?

Unemployment funds the state pays unemployment benefits from comes from taxes or other means the state collects from the employer r. For income taxes the unemployed person must pay, it depends on the state which collects income taxes, if any, and the Federal government which excludes the first $240 (MORE)

How do you calculate frictional unemployment rate?

To calculate frictional unemployment rate you have to get the labormarket turnovers. The frictional unemployment is the portion of theunemployment rate that results from the labor market turnovers.

Why does Nevada have the highest unemployment rate?

Record home foreclosures reduced home building and the resultant construction trade. National economic conditions reduced discretionary income and as a result, Nevada's primary industry, gaming. Nevada's budget crunch also meant reduction in school, government, and other industries' employment as we (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate of Niue?

10.7% (2006) I don't know where this 10% came from. If it came from the Niue Statistics department then it probably measures the amount of working age people that don't work for the government in which case it is an abomination. There is no real unemployment in Niue. Subsistence agriculture and fi (MORE)

What is the accepted unemployment rate for US?

Acceptability of employment rate depends on who is being asked..If one is employed he could care less what it is. If one is unemployed, the acceptable rate would be 0% (meaning he would have a job.) In reality, historically, the unemployment rate accepted in the U.S. was around 4%, meaning some were (MORE)

What is the unemployment rate in the Republic of the Philippines?

The most recent Labor Force Survey (LFS) conducted by the National Statistics Office last April 2011, shows that the unemployment rate in the Philippines is 7.2%. It was 7.3% in 2010(estimated), according to the CIA's World Factbook (as of issue July, 2011). See the Related Link below.

How did the national unemployment rate among African Americans compare to the national unemployment rate during the great depression?

Data on unemployment rates during the great depression is considered to be highly biased due to the fact that people that employed in public works programs were considered to be unemployed. The manner in which this data was collected was also suspect. At the time, however, African America unemployme (MORE)

Is egypts unemployment rate a problem?

its a subjective question. any kind of unemployment in any place i see as a bad thing so i say yes. but remember there is no right answer for that kind of thing.

What country has the highest unemployment rate Canada or US?

The United States has a higher unemployment rate than Canada at this time. For several decades Canada typically had reported its unemployment rate as somewhat higher than the US rate. For example, in June 2008 the reported unemployment in the US was 5.5 percent and 6.1% in Canada. However, a clos (MORE)

What does mean to have a high unemployment rate?

High Unemployment rate may mean: 1. Many jobs, but only a few people are qualified 2. Lack of education, or proper training to individuals to qualify for the job 3. Recession, which leads to several small and average sized business or companies to conduct lay-offs 4. Falling economy and los (MORE)

What is the Unemployment Rate for Osteopaths?

Manual osteopathy has been rated as one of the top 25 occupations in demand in Canada, in a report prepared and publsihed by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). There is no employment in thsi profession as all manual osteopaths either find employment or open their own private osteopathy c (MORE)

What data type is unemployment rates?

Unemployment rates are typically expressed as a percentage of thetotal workforce. Thus the unemployment rate for any given locale isa real number (float, double or long double) in the closed range0.0 through 100.0.

What is a true unemployment rate?

Normally in the U.S. the unemployment rate is measured by the number of people filing for and receiving unemployment compensation. However, many failed to find employment before their unemployment compensation expired, or they had to settle for part-time employment or a job that pays less than that (MORE)