What is the nationality of the last name GO?

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The nationality of the last name GO is korea!! My last name is Go and I live in Korea ^^ but Chinese might have a last name GO may be I don't know exactly Chinese has. but clearly I have a last name GO Does that help to you??
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What nationality is the last name Zarzar from?

There is certain theories or lets say stories about where does the Zarzar family comes from , most of them though indicate that they originally come from Eastern Europe , somewhere between Romania , Greece and Turkey, however ,None of these theories was proved. The Zarzar family is now Widely spre (MORE)

What nationality is the last name vizvary?

The surname Vizvary is from Slovakia. The original meaning of thesurname is unknown. Some famous people with the name Vizvary areSlavic hockey player Matus Vizary and Slavic pianist SylviaCapova-Vizary.

What nationality is last name Savage?

I have read that this last name comes from the french last name, Sauvage, but when these persons moved to English speaking lands, the name was deformed to Savage.

What nationality is the last name Tsongalis?

The nationality of the surname Tsongalis appears to be Greek inorigin. This is evidenced in the â??alisâ?? ending. Greek surnamesoriginally reflected the person's place of origin. This particularsuffix indicates the name originated in the Dodecanese islandslocation. The most historically and w (MORE)

What is the nationality of the last name Aung?

Burmese definitely. Aung anywhere in the name indicates his or her origin in Burma/Myanmar. Names such as Aung San, Aung San Suu Kyi, Thuta Aung and Aung Kyaw Lwin are distinctly Burmese/Myanmar.

What nationality is the last name marcum?

The original name marcum started in England but as the years past they migrated to other countries. My last name is marcum but my history goes back to ireland. So it depends on what exactly your looking for but originally yes, it came from England.

What nationality is the last name Zychowicz?

Last name endings of -wixz can regard names of Western Slavicorigin. Specifically the territories of the former Poland beforeits partitions have the -wicz in common. The present areas ofPoland and Belarus have this name ending in particularly highfrequency. The ending is variant to the Slavic -vich/ (MORE)

What nationality is the last name Demco?

The nationality of the last name Demco is Italian. It can, however,also be Spanish or Portuguese. If you want to learn more about thelast name Demco, the library has plenty of good resources onnationalities and origins.

What nationality is the last name burgess?

It's both an Irish and English name, though it leans more on the English side. It originated in France technically but the name is more-so seen as English than anything else, and that is because most Burgesses' originally came from England and some from Ireland.

What is the nationality of the last name Margerum?

The surname Margerum appears to be of British/Welsh origin. According to "British Family Names, Their Origin and Meaning" by Rev. Henry Barber, second edition enlarged published Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1968, on page 194 it states the following: "Marjoram. From Margam; a loc. n., Gl (MORE)

What is the nationality of the last name Griffith?

Welsh: from the Old Welsh personal name Gruffudd , Old Welsh Grip(p)iud , composed of the elements grip , of uncertain significance, + iud 'chief', 'lord'. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/griffith-4#ixzz2MwuIpCXt

What is the nationality of the last name Cuberovic?

It originated from Rumanian name for wine barell (chuber) and was used as an "nick name" until all Serbian population was transforming their last name to end with "ovich" or "vich". Serbin name for the wine barrel was similar "chabar".

What nationality of my last name magistad?

as many may think and swear by geneology it is in no way possible to actually find the exact time line or start of ones name and country or origin. with adoptions, cheating spouses, single moms that gave their child their last name instead of the fathers. a child who later find out his father wasnt (MORE)

What nationality is the last name quigley?

Irish. My ancestors were Irish Catholics. A branch of the family left County Donegal in the northwest corner of the Republic of Ireland, during the potato famines and immigrated to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

What nationality is the last name Steckel?

Steckel Name Meaning North German: nickname from Middle Low German stekel' easily affronted'. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German steckel and Yiddish shtekl 'little stick', hence perhaps a nickname for a thin person. Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Stöckel 'outhouse'. . 2 (MORE)

What nationality is the last name fagundes?

It's Portuguese, for sure. My last name is Fagundes, and I come from what once used to be a small Portuguese community called Hanford. Hanford is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

What nationality is last name Bezak?

The Bezak surname comes up in a Wikipedia search as there having been an Adam Bezak who played Ice Hockey for the Slovakian team in 2007, and there are listings for a Czechoslovakian pilot by that surname as well. There's a Bezack Street in New Elgin, Moray, Scotland.

What is the nationality of the last name cole?

Cole is an English, Irish, Scottish, and German surname. answer from ancestry.com Cole - . English from a Middle English pet form of Nicholas. . English: from a Middle English personal name derived from the Old English byname Cola (from col '(char)coal', presumably denoting someone of (MORE)

What nationality of your last name Lengling?

This rare surname could come from the following origins... 1.) It could be of Polish origin, of unexplained etymology. In one online heritage website, 12 people have the surname Lengling, and they are from Poland. Perhaps a variant of Hungarian surname: Lengyel, meaning "Polish". 2.) It coul (MORE)

What nationality is the last name hart?

English and North German: from a personal name or nickname meaning 'stag', Middle English hert , Middle Low German hërte , harte . . German: variant spelling of Hardt 1 and 2. . Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name or a nickname from German and Yiddish hart 'hard'. . Irish: Anglicized f (MORE)

What nationality is the last name 'Estevez'?

Estevez is a Spanish surname. While there are many spelling variations of this distinguished surname, it is first found in Galicia, which is in the northwestern region of Spain. There are records to show that members of this family sailed to America in 1528.

What is the nationality of the last name pisani?

Pisani is Italian. It originally meant "from the city of Pisa" (in Tuscany), but the name has been around for a very long time and people with that surname can be found all over Italy. The Pisani name has been well-known in Venice since the 14th century.

What is the nationality of the last name Crowe?

The nationally of Crowe has two possibilities. It may be English, in which case it would related to the Old English word " crawa " meaning " crow ". It also may be Irish, an anglicized version of the name " Mac Conchradha " possibly translated as " son of the hound ".

What is the nationality of your last name Tracy?

Tracy is both an English and Irish surname. For Irish , it is an anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Treasaigh , known to mean "Descendent of Treasach." Continuing to boil it, Treasach means "Warlike" or "Fighter" in Gaelic Irish. For English , it originated as a location-surname (MORE)

What is the nationality of the last name Stacey?

I have noticed that many persons whose last name ends in -ey are of Irish extraction. For example Raney, Ulrey, Bailey, etc. This is entirely anecdotal,based only on my personal observation.

What is the nationality of the last name Dickerson?

Dickerson comes from the diminutive Dick , which is a pet-form of the given forename Richard . Richard was born from a rare Anglo-Saxon name " Ricehard ", known to mean "Rule Hard." The ending suffix of -son , of course, translates it to "Son of Richard." It also could be an occupational (MORE)

What is the nationality of the last name Furman?

Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic), and Slovenian: occupational name for a carter or drayman, the driver of a horse-drawn delivery vehicle, from Polish, Yiddish, and Slovenian furman, a loanword from German (see Fuhrmann). AC, SL See also Forman.English: variant of Firmin.Americanize (MORE)