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What is the need for sex?

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The need for sex is for pleasure and to make babies.
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Do you need sex?

No, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Boys love to use that line as if they will die without it! Trust me, they will say anything! Physically, yeah it's fun. Prac

Why sex is a need?

Because it is a deep most sensual and transcendent feeling shared and expressed between 2 human beings and /or lovers. a bridal expressions of love , for 1 another.

Do women need to be held after sex?

Everyone is different and there is no straight answer. Many need to be cuddled after to feel loved and for you to show them you care for them and are happy with what has happe

What is need of sex?

It's for you and your partner to get satisfaction or if you wanna have a baby. (:

Do guys need sex?

If you constantly need sex then you might be a sex addict. Most guys want sex really really bad because they like to orgasm and in my opinion having an orgasm from sex is bett

Why does human need sex?

sex is really meant to reproduce, to have children. that according to the bible is the main and only reason people should have sex. but sex is meant for people who want to sha

Is sex pleasure or a need?

Both! If it weren't a pleasure, humans wouldn't do it often enough to maintain the population. Sex is a very powerful emotion (right up there with Hunger and Fear). It's impor
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How do you know that she needs sex?

If a girl goes the bathroom a lot, or looks at your penis...she needs sex! Her vigina might be itchy, so scratch it for her and tell her how sexy her boobs are. After that, ju
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What type of training is needed for sex?

Well, usually one has to go through a rigorious training scheme that lasts 14 hours a day, and you have to train 7 days a week, for 6 months, none stop before you can pass to
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What do you need to do in sex?

You first need to be married to the opposite sex and love each other enough to respect each others differences and want to create and nourish a new person or baby in 9 months
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Why girl need sex with boy?

If you want a baby you can do it with a boy or just go to the sprem clinic and have a baby from that sprem but the u cant feel the pleasure when u have sex with a boy