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What is the neurilemma and what is it function?

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the plasma membrane surrounding a Schwann cell of a myelinated nerve fiber and separating layers of myelin
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How do schwann cells form the myelin sheath and the neurilemma encasing the nerve processes?

Schwann's cells become apposed to an axon and envelops it in a trough. It then begins to rotate around the axon, wrapping it loosely in successive layers of its plasma membran (MORE)

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What is Neurilemma sheath or sheath of schwann?

  Surrounding the myelin sheath, there is a thin membrane called neurilemmal sheath. This is also called neurilemma or sheath of Schwann. This contains Schwann cells, whic (MORE)

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Do all nerve cells have a neurilemma?

The neurilemma is the Schwann cell. This helps with regeneration of cells. The nerve cells in the brain do not have neurilemma and therefore, cannot regenerate.