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The Not-So-New Green Movement It is the support of environmentally friendly products opposed to those that pollute or harm the environment...
  • While the first answerer is correct, the Green Movement is much deeper and broader than just promoting environmentally friendly products. Here is more information: Though it may appear to be new, the movement has been around since at least the 1970's and the ideas expressed within the movement appear to have originated in the 1930's or earlier. (See the link to the right "Green Movement History"). Today, the Green Movement is world wide and, as with many other groups and movements, may not be what it appears to be on the surface. For more information about the history and ideas of the Green Movement you can click on the link, "Anarchism and the Environmental Movement."
Some of the ideas and goals of the Green Movement as stated in their charter are: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy (including breaking down inequalities of wealth and power), nonviolence (a comprehensive concept of global security, which gives priority to social, economic, ecological, psychological and cultural aspects of conflict, instead of a concept based primarily on military balances of power), sustainability, and respect for diversity. The Charter includes much more than I have stated and can be found by clicking on the link, "Charter of the Global Greens" (pdf). In the United States, "Ten Key Values of the Green Committees of Correspondence" (1989) lists those 10 values as: Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community Based Economics, Feminism, Respect for Diversity, Global Responsibility, and Sustainability. For the actual document, click on the link, "Ten Key Values of the Green Committees of Correspondence (US)." Though I have listed the values, the page gives the goals and ideas of those values in greater detail. The oldest and continuously active Green organization in America is the Green Party and they are the ones who originated the ten values listed in the previous paragraph. To visit their Web site, the link is, "The Greens: Green Party USA." Some organizations associated with "The Greens" are: National Audubon Society, Earth First, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and Sierra Club. Some of these organizations can be extremely radical. For the complete list that I found on the Internet, though it may not include all groups associated with the movement, click on " Environmental Organizations and the Greens Links." Though I have attempted to give as much information as possible, an in depth understanding of the Green Movement would take extensive research. While it is obvious that The Green Party and Ralph Nader are certainly part of the movement, but other organizations, individuals, and groups associated with the movement are not so obvious. This is mainly due to the fact that to be a part of the movement, you do not have to embrace all of the 10 Key Values. Thus, the overall movement encompasses a loosely associated web of groups and individuals that may only embrace one or two of the Values along with those who embrace all 10.
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