What is the nickname for John Barnes ex Liverpool FC footballer?

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John Barnes nickname is Digger, as in the Dallas character Digger Barnes.
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Is Liverpool FC Catholic or Protestant?

Neither. There has never been a distinguising divide between the two halves of Liverpool. Brothers and Fathers from the same families have historically enjoyed competing against each other in derbies without any ill feeling toward each other, other then the thrill of victory, or the shame of defeat. (MORE)

Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. L iverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded in 1892.

How much debt is Liverpool fc in?

millions, and apparently this figure increases by one pound twenty every second....we have the Americans to thank for a lot of that

How old is Liverpool fc?

Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 because Everton FC had moved out of Anfield (the stadium) and the landlords needed new tennants.

Liverpool fc rule?

OF COURSE THEY RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'M A SCOUSER TIL I DIE. A SCOUSER TIL I DIE. I KNOW I AM I'M SURE I AM. A SCOUSER TIL I DIE!

Liverpool FC was founded in what year?

Liverpool was found in 1892 -(in Scottish accent) Oh and btw LIVERPOOL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! the golden rules:1)When ever u see a Liverpool logo say: OMG LIVERPOOL IS SO COOL2)Never underestimate liverpool3)Always support Liverpool in a match - even if they r not playing4)Liverpool just owns and u know (MORE)

Why are Manu FC and Liverpool FC enemies?

The rivalry is viewed as a manifestation of the cities' competition during industrial times, when they competed for supremacy of the north-west; Liverpool was considered the world's pre-eminent port, while Manchester was famous for its textile industry. The rivalry between the clubs intensified from (MORE)

What year was Liverpool fc founded?

It was founded in 1892 by the then Mayor of Liverpool John Houlding, who persuaded Everton FC to move from their Anfield ground and who made it the home of the new Liverpool FC.

Who is Liverpools fc forwards?

I assume you mean 'who are Liverpool FC's forwards?' Liverpool's top fowards are, from best to worst: Torres, Kuyt, Babel, Ngog, Voronin and Gerrard can play in a very attcking midfield position. These are a list of liverpool's main forwards that get first team play, there are others that play for (MORE)

How did Liverpool fc start?

Everton used to be the only club in Liverpool. Anfield was their stadium rented out to them. We the owner raised the rent Everton decided to build their own stadium and then the owner of Anfield decided to create a football team and then they moved up the divisions quickly and now they are a top clu (MORE)

What is the salary for Liverpool fc players?

Clearly there will be large variation in the amount the players earn as Liverpool has many players from small time 16 year olds playing in youth teams to more experienced playing in Liverpool's first team. Youngest players earn just a few hundred a week, and top players like Torres, Gerrard and Mach (MORE)

Who established Liverpool Fc?

John Haulding was involved in the ownership of everton but then there was a dispute so he decided to make his own mersyside team called Liverpool f.c

Why is Liverpool FC bad in your opinion?

Liverpool is bad because they haven't won the Premier League title since 1991. Manchester United has won it 11 times ever since.. Liverpool rely too much on key players who aren't all that great. Liverpool are rubbish without Gerrard, Alonzo and Torres, yet you could say the same about any club. Th (MORE)

Did john gidman play football for Liverpool?

He did not play for the fist team , but theoretically he did play for the club, only at youth level , before being released by Bill Shankly to Aston Villa for free.. He therefore must Qualify as one of the few or only players to have played at ,Liverpool (youth), Everton (1st team) , Manchester Uni (MORE)

How much debt does Liverpool FC have?

Liverpool of course hasn't any debts because in 2010 john bought Liverpool forc 350 millions pounds and there is no more debts and also there are 100 million for transfers.And for man utd fans the news are not good because they 700 million debts and maybe in 2 years will be relegated!

In your opinion is Liverpool FC good?

In my opinion, Liverpool FC are one of the best teams in England, however, their quality never pays off. Liverpool FC have produced some of the finest footballers the world has witnessed. Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush etc. However, they have a reputation for not winning trophies. Live (MORE)

Who was the first manager of Liverpool fc?

Liverpool's first managers were W.E. Barclay and John McKenna. Barclay however was more in the administration side of things which McKenna being the manager in the style we see managers today.

What trophies does Liverpool fc have?

Liverpool have eighteen Football League First Division titles, four Second Division titles, and one Lancashire League title. Liverpool have won the FA Cup seven times, and the League Cup seven times. They have won the Charity Shield / Community Shield a total of fifteen times, ten outright and five (MORE)

What does the Liverpool fc badge stand for?

The mythical creature in the middle of the crest is a Liverbird , on the top of the crest is the Shankly gates , and the 2 ovals in that, is the Scotland flag (where Shankly was born), and a Thistle (also representing where he was born). The two flames on the sides, represent the Eternal Flam (MORE)

Where can you buy a Liverpool FC Goodeseat?

Hi There is a product called Packaseat that is a heated staduim seat. It packs into your coat to and away from the game. Can be found on E Bay under heated staduim seats.

How do you send Liverpool fc a message?

iam liverpool fun and i wanna to be apart of liverpool player i live in s, africa my name is abdirizak and im midfield player my age is 16yrs iwana 2get achance and produce my experiance and u can contact me email ugaas_14@ hotmail.com or phone no 0027710252157

Did Liverpool fc get banned from Europe?

Yes. Following a match between Liverpool and Juventus at Heysel Stadium, where The Heysel disaster happened. The Heysel disaster happened at the European cup final 1985, where Liverpool fans seemed to have breached a fence, which separated them from Juventus fans. Part of the stadium wall collapsed. (MORE)

Who will Liverpool fc buy?

actually, no good player will like to go to anfield as they do not have aplace in champions league next year. News Came Into Today That Chinese People Have Put A Offer In For Liverpool Football Club

Why are Liverpool FC so amazing?

Liverpool are so amazing because they win every thing maybe they are having a bad season but they I will be back on track soon LIVERPOOL is the best!

Do Liverpool fc sell goodeseats?

No idea what "goodeseats" are but they do sell good seats for viewing a game. Be careful though because some seats at the back have a bad view and there are pillars which means people seated behind them have a restricted view. You can go on the Liverpool FC website and view a seating map which will (MORE)

Who wears what number for Liverpool FC?

Number 2 Glen Johnson Number 4 Raul meireles Number 5 Daniel Agger Number 6 Fabio Aurelio Number 7 Luis Suarez Number 8 Steven Gerrard Number 9 Andy Carroll Number 10 Joe Cole Number 14 Milan Jovanovic Number 16 Sotirios Kyrgiakos Number 17 Maxi Rodriguez Number 18 Dirk Kuyt Number 21 Lucas Leiva Nu (MORE)

Are Liverpool fc the bestst?

Liverpool ARE the best as they have won the most trophies in the historic era that included the King Kenny Dalglish! They even celebrate their 125th Anniversary in 6 years!

Who is better Liverpool FC or Peterborough FC?

Liverpool FC, because of the amount of trophies in the Liverpool FC trophy cabinet, and due to the fact that Liverpool FC are a Premier League team and Peterborough FC are a Championship team, Liverpool FC are a better team. However, this is partially because they have a bigger budget and higher pro (MORE)

How global is Liverpool fc?

There are Liverpool fans all over the world. To give you a sense of how many worldwide fans there are, a recent study said that Liverpool has the third most sold fake jerseys, behind Manchester United and Barcelona. Just goes to show how many people want a Liverpool Jersey (cause their fans but do n (MORE)