What is the normal heart rate for human fetus?

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The normal heart rate for a fetus is 120 to 160 beats per minute
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Is a heart rate of 103 beats per minute normal in a fetus?

It all depends on how old the fetus is. At the beginning, it is about 80-85, but steadily rises to 155-195 as time goes on. For more information, check this website out. htt

What is the normal human heart rate?

80 - 100 beats per miniute but if you are really fit you can get it down to 70 or 60 beats per miniute no anywhere between 60 to 100 bpm is normal mine is the 50 range to

What is normal heart rate of 16 week fetus?

The normal heart rate for a 16 week old fetus is between 120 and160 beats per minute. This can fluctuate if the baby is reallyactive or very still during the time the heart be