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I had an Agent from Our Secure Family Insurance call me. My caller ID shows the number for this Agent as 515-864-7727. He stated that "Our Secure Family" has other insurance companies that write the coverage, so it may be a broker or an agent. Note also that many insurance companies, agents, and brokers tout that when you deal with them, your financial and personal information is kept confidential. Therefore, you may be interpreting the words, "our secure" (since you did not originally capitalize them) in that way.

The phone shown is a Iowa Land line with no public name or address. Mail may emanate from Kenerville, NC and show a URL of oursecurefamily.com The BBB showed no info on the company and the AMbest .com website there is no info or rating on the entity. Note though, that AMbest rates only insurers, and neither brokers not agents.

The entity does have a website, although a basic one that shows no phone number. It states that it is a source for mortgage protection insurance, critical illness insurance, and several other types of insurance that can be triggered to help pay your mortgage in the event that you are unable to work as a result of a covered occurrence.
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