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What types of retirement plans 401ks or IRAs might be best for retirement?

The right answer is, It Depends. I like a ROTH IRA. Here we pay tax on our contributons. Qualified distributions from a ROTH IRA are tax free. The ROTH IRA also allows us to t

Can you rollover a 401K Plan to a simple IRA?

You can rollover a 401k to any type of IRA account that is geared towards retirement. (Education IRA's do not apply). A simple IRA is no different, and you can do a direct r

Convert 401k to roth 401k?

Not sure what you are asking, but generally you cannot simply convert your 401k to a Roth 401k, unless this is something your current company offers. If it is offered, then y

Can an employer stop a 401k plan?

  Yes an employer can terminate a 401k plan.   The contributions you made to the plan are yours, and you could take that money and roll it to your Traditional IRA using

What is a 401k plan?

A 401(k) plan is a "savings" plan that allows an employee to put aside money from his paycheck before any taxes are calculated on it. In other words, there are no federal or s

Can a husband get half of his wife's 401K plan in a divorce?

no !!!! i know of some one in holland mi right now that is doing that!!! he conned her into marriage just to get her 401 k from gentex in zeeland mi, she has ten years in ther

Can you rollover 401k roth IRA into a 529 plan?

 Individual retirement arrangements  were created to help you save for retirement while 529 plans are  designed for education savings. Even if you're done with school,  t