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What is the oldest known calendar?

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The oldest known calendars are lunar based, and the oldest of these discovered thus far comes from the Aurignacian culture, a Paleolithic society that existed in central and southern Europe and southern Asia. Aurignacian culture existed between 47,000 to 41,000 years ago. Alexander Marshack, a paleolithic archeologist, studied and published on several bone carvings and cave drawings discovered in France and Germany depicting a rudimentary lunar calendar.
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What is the oldest known religion in the world?

Answers from various contributors: Oldest Known Religion: Religion goes back at least as far as human civilizations. Nobodyknows what the first religion was. The Egyptians predate the Jews,The Mesopotamians predate them. The Chinese predate them... Religions with a creation story often claim (MORE)

What is the oldest known living cow?

A Holstein is the oldest cow owned by Bill and Carol Hegstrom from Brooks Maine. The cow's name is Nonny and she is 20 years old Dec. 18th 2007 There is currently a mixed Holstein/Hereford cow in Sevierville, Tennessee named Blossom that was born in 1980 making her 27 years old as of February 8th (MORE)

What is the oldest known secret society?

The Masons, also Cain formed in ancient times a secret society between him and Satan and he and his succesors were called Master Mahan tell the flood. All high in power secret societies are controlled by satan.

How old is the oldest known turtle?

Didn't find the current oldest turtle.. The most famost turtle, Adwaita, is known and recorded as the oldest (250 years) died in 2006 in Calcutta.

What is oldest known humans age?

The oldest man on earth I heard was 113 years old. Then there's the oldest woman and she was 114 years old.. The oldest man is 120 and woman was 114

The world's oldest known city?

It is believed by scientists that the oldest city in the world isJericho which is located in the Palestinian Territories. It hasbeen continuously inhabited since 9,000 BC. Damascus is considered by many to be the oldest city. . J·rixo/Ierikò/-ŕijkhà (see Jericho),P·lèshèqht/ (MORE)

What is the oldest known fossil?

Photosynthetic bacteria in the form of stromatolites (essentially sedimentary rocks formed of them) found in Australia. They date back to 3.5 billion years..

Oldest known legal system?

The Code of Hammurabi is the first physical set of codified lawknown to man. It's an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian document.

What is the oldest baseball pennant known?

Baseball has been around since the late 1860's and so have baseballpennants, since they were a popular and easy way to show supportfor ones team. There are very few pennants left from those days andit is more common to find them from the first part of the 1900's.

What was the oldest Vedas known?

The Rig Veda , compiled around 1000 BCE in an archaic form of Sanskrit, is the oldest and most important of the Vedas, and the basis of much Hindu thought. The oldest veda is Rigveda

What is the world's oldest known city?

Damascus, Syria is the oldest continuously occupied city. Evidence exists that a settlement in the Barada Basin dates back to 9000 BC. Hamoukar, located in a remote part of Syria located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, is one of the oldest cities of ancient times. It was destroyed around (MORE)

What is the oldest known civilization?

The oldest known civilization was believed to have formed inMesopotamia near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This was believedto have happened around 4000 B.C. and that is a fact!

Oldest known civilization on earth?

The first civilization was said to arise 78,000 years ago on thegiant continent known as Mu or Lemuria. Coming in second would bethe ancient civilization of Atlantis.

What is the Oldest known science?

alchemy is the oldest known science which shows scientific backing. their purpose is to create new compounds and to change other metals into gold which was impossible.. Another old science which has little or no known scientific proof is magic or sorcery

What is the oldest machine known to man?

Define machine. By my definition, it's the wheel. If you are going by the normal definition it's probably something like the Antikyhera Mechanism or the ancient Greeks coin operated urn that dispensed holy water.

What is the oldest known example of graffiti?

Graffiti has been around forever. Just depends on what you mean by graffiti ... for example, the Egyptians drew elaborate pictures on their walls. However, graffiti in the common sense (i.e. spray painted pictures and words on walls) really developed in the early 70's in New York.. So ... in summar (MORE)

What is the oldest UFO sighting known?

There are pictures of what we now recognise as UFOs drawn on cave walls from the earliest humans on earth. Those drawings are the first recorded accounts of visitors from other places.

Is the Bible the oldest book known?

The Book of Deuteronomy is believed to be the Book of Law that was said to have been found in the Temple during the reign of King Josiah - around 622 BCE. Many scholars believe that the book was actually written at this time, but placed in the Temple, to be found, so as to lend antiquity to it. The (MORE)

Who was the oldest school teacher known?

Lauren Isabella Gale Davis Falda. Otherwise known as Laurie Falda. Look her up on Wiki-answers. There is a detailed, yet understandable, and interesting article. GREAT HELP!! :) She taught schooling for over 25 years and taught until she was 77. Fantastic!

What is the oldest known people?

The oldest person w should know is a man named Davie Bragger Chanez Lingolnberry. he died by drowning in the ocean while driving a jetski. his coach was right in front of him while a baby wave came and made Davie fall. Davie was an adopted man who's real name was Roger Frestist Jud. Davie or as you (MORE)

What is one of the oldest known villages?

As of 2008, the oldest known farming village was found in Egypt.The site is over 7,000 years old and raised sheep, goats, pigs,wheat, and barley. The site is fifty miles west of Cairo.Faiyum Oasis is the oldest known village. This is located in Egypt.

What is the oldest known toy in history?

The origin of toys is prehistoric ; dolls representing infants, animals, and soldiers, as well as representations of tools used by adults are readily found at archaeological sites.

What is the oldest mammal known?

Lifes a circle and it goes around like a circle circle existance itself is a circle circle goes around human beings have ben around for millions and billions of years

The types of calendars known in world?

The main types of calendar are solar and lunar. Some societies have special ones applicable only to themselves but they would be based on one or the other of the above.

The oldest known and the simplest organisms?

Some of the oldest known single celled organisms can be found in the Archaebacteria kingdom. These are the most ancient organisms on earth. (the latin translation for archae is "ancient")

The oldest known form of life?

It is believed that the Prokaryotes or Bacteria are the oldest form of life (in the evolutionary cycle). At some early point they would have evolved a renewable energy cycle. Cyanobacteria and a few other types of bacteria are able to carry out photosynthesis. The longest living and thus oldes (MORE)

What is the oldest known city in the Americas?

The oldest known city in the Americas is Ticul, Yucatan, Mexico, founded 700 b.c. The oldest continually occupied community in the United States is Sky City, New Mexico, formed in 1000 a.d. The oldest continually occupied city in the United States of America is San Juan, Puerto Rico, founded i (MORE)

What is the oldest known vedic scripture?

The Vedas are the oldest known texts in Vedic scripture. These areancient texts written in India and are supposedly direct messagesfrom the gods interpreted and scribed by humans.

What are the oldest known scriptures?

Oldest organized religion with at least some literary and architectural basis is Hinduism according to all available historical data. Its beginning goes back to about 8ooo years on the basis of discovery of Dwaraka, traces of Ramayana in Ceylon, then Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilizations on the bank (MORE)

What is the oldest known ocarina?

The ocarina is a very old family of instruments, believed to date back thousands of years (the first known ocarina-like instruments appear about 12000 years ago). The earliest predecessors of the ocarina were made of natural materials such as stone, wood, bone, shell and gourd. The Chinese made cl (MORE)

What is the oldest known language known to man?

Cuniform is the oldest existing example of a written langage we have; it was invented by the Sumarians. Proto-Indo-European is the oldest known language, and this is not the name of it, just a label applied to it so it can be discussed; however, there are no examples of this language still in exis (MORE)

What is the oldest building known in Rome?

Traditionally the Romans considered this to be the house of Romulus, mythical founder of Rome. They kept a reconstruction of the hut at the sight which they believed it had been first built for centuries, well into the empire.

What is the oldest known text in the world?

That is a matter of debate, but writings have been found in the ruins of ancient Babylon that are dated to six thousand years ago, one of whihc was used by Carl Sandburg in his poem "Bilbea".

What is the oldest known Christian religion?

Many believe Christianity began in Jerusalem when God's HolySpirit was freely given to all mankind. This has been dated toPentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD. It was commonly called 'The Way'and was dubbed Christian in Antioch soon afterwards. There are atleast 12 mentions in Scripture of 'The Church o (MORE)