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What is the oldest written constitution still in use today?

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Sort of a trick question. The US Constitution is the oldest constitution still in use that has not been ratified (not to be confused with amended), but San Marino has had the Statutes of 1600 since, well, 1600. It added the Declaration of Citizens Rights in 1974.

SO, the answer according to how you asked could be either US or San Marino
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Is the constitution still used today?

Yes! Its not an old 18th century relic that you learn in history. The constitution is literally the "bible" of the United States. It tells how Congress works and the powers

What country has the oldest written constitution in effect today?

The USA has the oldest written constitution still in effect today. A few nations, such as the UK and San Moreno have legal documents still in effect today that are older than

Which state constitution is the oldest and still in use today?

The question as written is unclear. Firstly, are you referring exclusively to the States of the United States or are you using state as a shorthand for nation or country? Seco

Why is the US Constitution the oldest written constitutional in the world?

It isn't. San Marino created their constitution in 1600 although I believe it wasn't finally ratified till 1974. , The English colony of Connecticut formed theirs in 1638, tho