What is the only country where they don't celebrate Christmas?

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Many countries do not celebrate Christmas. Across the middle east there are many Islamic countried that do not. Moving to the east, many countries in Asia do not as well Many African countries do not either. There may be pockets of Christianity in any country but that is far different than saying the country itself recognizes Christmas as a holiday. There are just too many to list.
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Why don't Buddhist celebrate Christmas?

Because Christmans is historically a Christain holiday, although these days many people do not celebrate it for its original religious meaning but more for the festivities tha

Why Muslims don't celebrate Christmas?

It is not an Islamic holiday. They don't believe in Santa Clause and Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. didn't say that it was an Islamic holiday that Muslims celebrate.

Why don't Japanese celebrate Christmas?

Christmas isn't a national holiday; it is celebratedinternationally by mainly Christians for religious reasons. Manypeople (both Christian and non-) celebrate Christmas, thoug

Why don't hindos celebrate Christmas?

No. Because there not Christians people that celebrate Christmas are Christians the above answer is right, because christians belive in Christmas and hindus are a different

What countries don't celebrate Christmas on the December 25th?

Holidays are celebrated by people, not countries. This is particularly the case for countries which are (a) democratic, and (b) which observe separation of church and state, s
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Why don't some countries celebrate Christmas?

Traditionally, Christmas has been a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In more recent times, it is often celebrated as a secular holiday by non-religious people as well
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Why don't Turks celebrate Christmas?

Because turks believe in islam. Christmas celebrates the birth of christ. christians are deemed the followers of christ Turks believe in allah and are followers of Muhammad so
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Why Asians don't celebrate Christmas?

Many Asians do celebrate Christmas. There are a lot of Christians from Asia. Jesus himself was an Asian. Asians that do not celebrate Christmas are ones that are not Christian