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What is the opinion of Italians about health care?

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Their health care system is about 100% better than the American one. Even tourists are hospitalized and treated free of charge in Italy as I was.
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Who are health care?

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What is health care?

The term "health care" refers to a inter-related system of care  provided to persons in health or during illness. Health care begins  with the family physician. He/she may r

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  This really isn't a question...but if somebody said that to me i'd break up with them. You need a guy who is willing to ask your opinion and wether he cares or not, he's

What is continumm of care in health care?

The care continuum revolves around two major parties, the physicians and the patients. The physicians are the ones who provide healthcare while patients are the ones receiving

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Extreme Opinion Depends who you are: Great if you are uninsured Good if you are an average Joe Bad if you are a CEO Spawn of the Devil if you are a Republican The b

How can health influence health care?

if you have health problems or your family has them that runs down and there is a possibility you can get it then you would want to care for it
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What is care approach in health care?

Anyone experiencing mental health problems is entitled to an  assessment of their needs with a mental healthcare professional,  and to have a care plan that's regularly revi
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What are opinions about Health Sciences Institute?

Opinion #1: Their website does seem suspicious. They do have at least one hallmark of medical quackery, and that is the element of conspiracy theories. It is common for quac
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What is health care-?

Health care is defined as the maintenance and improvement of  physical and or mental health, particularly in the context of the  provision of medical services. It is a noun.