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Proximal is the opposite of distal.
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Are Proximal and distal opposite directional terms in humans?

Yes, proximal means closer to the trunk (torso) while distal is away from the trunk. The statement "the knee is proximal to the foot" means the knee is closer to the torso tha

Meaning of distal?

  In medical terms it would be furthest away from the centre/main part. i.e. the distal part of the finger would be the end of the finger.

Is the hand distal to the elbow?

Both the hand and forearm are distal to the elbow, while the upper arm and shoulder are proximal to the elbow.

The shoulder is distal to the hand?

Distal means closer to the bodies trunk. So no the hand is distal to the shoulder the shoulder is proximal to the hand.

What is distal circulation?

Distal circulation refers to circulation that occurs at the  furthest point of the central core. This includes the arms and  legs.