What is the opposite of personification?

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Chremamorphism is giving characteristics of an object to a person, e.g., "she shined upon him with her eyes" gives qualities of an object, like a star, to a person.
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What is personification?

Personification is when you describe an object as a person. Personification is when you give human qualities or abilities to anobject or animal. eg The moon smiled through th

Example of a personification?

Personification is a figure of speech that gives non-human orinanimate objects human traits or qualities. Some examples would be: "You may see their trunks arching in thewood

Is skating a personification?

Personification is giving something without human like attributes, human like attributes. For instance giving a pen the ability to talk is personification.
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Is personification a noun?

Yes, the word 'personification' is a noun, a word for therepresentation of a thing or idea as a person or by the human form;a perfect example; a word for a thing. Example: Th
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Where is personification used?

personification is used whenever writer wants to express an inanimate object appear like a real and animate object which could tell you any amazing things addind its feelings
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How does a personification work?

it is assigning human qualities or powers to an animal, an object, a natural force, or an idea.