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What is the opposite of quest?

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There is no exact antonym because to quest, or to be on a quest, is to seek something, and the opposite would be simply not to seek it (to refrain, retreat, or demur).

*The antonym goal suggested for quest (pursuit) is not apt, as this is the object of a quest.
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What is the opposite of not?

The opposite of not (as a negative) is simply the omission of the word. The opposite of "not something" is usually "is something" -- with the possible addition of modifiers such as definitely or indeed . Or, otherwise stated, the opposite of not is "is." When someone says, "No, it's not" the op (MORE)

What is the opposite of opposite?

The opposite of opposite is same, like or similar. A doublenegative leads to the original identity of the term. So the answeris same or identical.

What is opposition?

When the Earth is between the Sun and a planet. In such a case, the apparent brightest of a planet is at its highest.

What are opposites?

Opposites are two things or concepts that have one or more characteristics that are completely different, to the extent that they are considered the reverse in some way. Words that are nouns or adjectives for opposites are called antonyms. They include concepts such as good and bad, or light and da (MORE)

What are quests for HorseIsle?

they raise your quest points which allows you to go to different isles, such as lava isle, Pirate isle and cloud isle. Also quests give you money and they are something to do :)

What is the opposite of does?

The opposite of does is "doesn't" (does not). The opposite action of does is "undoes." (*The opposite gender for does , female deer, is bucks .)

How do you get to wolf quest?

Go to Internet type in Wolf Quest. Click on the first thing you see. Download game. Then get multiplayer. Trust me it is fun!

What is the antonym for quest?

The antonym for quest is retreat. Some synonyms for quest areadventure, chase, crusade, hunt, journey, probe, prey, andinvestigation just to name a few.

Is no the opposite of no?

No. The opposite of no (negative) is normally "yes" (affirmative). ...or, if you're a parent who doesn't want to disappoint a child, it might be "we'll see".

How do you get to second quest for wolf quest?

To play Survival of the Pack (also known as "the second quest" or second episode), you will need to have first completed Amethyst Mountain and saved your game after finding your mate in the first quest. With such a save on your computer, from the startup screen hit "Single Player" and under the lo (MORE)

What is the opposite of will?

Won't Opposite of will (v) . disinherit . disown Neglect, pass... The opposite of "will" is "will not" -- which can also be written as "won't."

What is the opposite of or?

For logic diagrams there is AND ... OR .... NOT AND and I guess there is a NOT OR , maybe.. NOT AND means the same as Neither of the items in the list. But that would mean the same as NOT OR , so I'm not sure if there is an exact opposite.

What is the easiest quest on adventure quest?

think of it this way. what is the easiest monster to battle. zards. click on twilly and say hello then click on zard hunt basicly zards are level 1-15. need to be about level 24 to be sucsesful and maybe save on some mana and healf potions

What is the opposite of answer?

The opposite of the noun "answer" would be "question." The opposite of the verb "answer" would be "ask." From the meaning of answer as a solution , the opposite would be the lack of a solution. The opposite of the verb form meaning to respond would be to ignore. (It has more than (MORE)

How do you get out of a quest on adventure quest?

Just die. Update: You can die, however, if you feel like keeping that little bit of health you have; (though if you do die you usually get full health and reappear at battleon or places like the inn if that's where you started the quest at) you can just press flee which costs some sp. This way al (MORE)

What is the opposite of for?

There is no opposite of the preposition "for" (a reason). However, for something given as a gift, the opposite of "for" (the recipient) would be from (the donor or giver).

What is the opposite of we?

The opposite of we (first person plural nominative) could be either of these: you - second person plural they - third person plural nominative

What is the opposite of have?

The opposite of the verb "have" is to not have. The informal nouns for persons with property or without are the haves and the have-nots . (There is no direct opposite to having, however the opposite of acquire or gain is to lose.)

What was Medea's quest?

Medea's assists Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. In orderto wrest his throne from his uncle, he was compelled to attempt thequest. In exchange for Medea's assistance, Jason promises to marryher. Although Jason has two sons with Medea, he abandons her forKing Creon's daughter.

What are the quests for wolfquest?

In Amethyst Mntn: find a mate In Slough Creek: find a den, mark your territory, train your pups, feed your pups, defend your pups from threats, travel with your mate and pups to the renezvous poinr

How do you get quests on pandanda?

To get a quest, you must look for residents all over Pandanda, and when you see a hovering yellow 'Q' above one's head, you simply click on it and you can read the quest information, or just click 'Accept' or, 'Decline'.

How do you quest in AQW?

is very easy you just click the (?) thing on the people and read what they said then quest it

What quests are there on panfu?

Amalura's Love Story My Son Is A Pirate Penny And Lenny! The Lost Wooby King The Magic Ice Diamond Big Foot A Mysterious Call Save The Pokopets! Are all the latest quests available to do on Panfu at the moment.

What is the opposite of you?

From the standpoint of interpersonal operations (what the first person I, does in relationship to a second person, you), the opposite of you is me , or I. Similarly, from the standpoint of here or there, the word they or them may be the opposite of both you, I, we, or us. --- However, technic (MORE)

How do do quest on pokefarm?

Go to your farm page, click the link that says quests, use the hints. If you can't figure out how to do them by the hints (On that page as well as through the threads about them in the rules/announcements), then you should wait until you're more experienced. (Some of these are easy to start stumblin (MORE)

What is the opposite of has?

The opposite of has/ to have would be to lack , or alternatively to need or want. (the word lose is not an opposite of have because it is a change in possession)

What are quest myths?

It is like our myths but things in a game. I don't really know, I am just answering for U or actually you,person with a stupid question you dumb guy

What is the opposite?

The opposite is 2 things that are completely different. For example, the moon and the sun, up and down, right and left, a smile and a frown.

What do you do at the and of the quest in pandanda?

Depending on the quest and who you accepted it from. Example: Tammy's Quest - A Green Thumb She says in the last paragraph: Take these flower seeds and plant them in each of the gardens. Make sure you get them all! Come back and see me when your done. In this case you have to see her when you hav (MORE)

Was Achilles quest?

Achilles quest was to do stuff and fight in the Trojan war and he did a very good job in fighting as he killed many people. :)

What is the answer for the quest of jaywooz?

1.chocolate 2.basketball 3.tiger 4.pizza 5.Halloween 6.red 7.The Lord Of The Rings 8.Kanye West 9.rihanna 10.New York 11.DJ hero 12.spinach here are all the answers for the animator quest. By tetra123

Did Demeter have a quest?

Demeter is well known for going in seach for her daughterPersephone - and later going wandering in search for her - whichcan be called a quest.

How do you get into quest atlantis?

If you go to google then type in Quest Atlantis when you get to the site click guest account and there you go a account paper will come up to fill in

What is the opposite of be?

he opposite of be is are because when you say something like "Be a good person." you are trying to tell the person to become something. But when you say "You are a good person." that means that you already have become that thing.

What is the opposite of out?

The opposite of out is "in." (For a fire , the opposite of out is "lit" . For a light , the opposite of out, meaning off, is "on.")

How do you get wolf quest deluxeolf quest?

Deluxe is the current stable release (2.5.1) of Survival of the Pack . If you're referring to Amethyst Mountain Deluxe, this is bundled with 2.5.1, rendering older deluxe versions obsolete and therefore unnecessary. Typically, any further updates to the game - usually bug fixes and performance imp (MORE)

How do you cancel a quest in Monkey Quest?

i think that you have to go to the quest book in the game and then you click on the quest that you want to delete and then there you will find something that you click to delete the stinking quest My name in the game is Peter Primal steel

What was hepheastus quest?

Hephaestus never went on a quest. he was a lame blacksmith god who was tossed from Olympus and was husband to Aphrodite. He made armour for Achilles and Aeneas when the required it. One possible thing you may be referring to is when Hephaestus was made aware of Ares having an affair with Aphrodite, (MORE)

What is the quest of a virus?

When you say "quest" did you mean the virus' goal? If this is the case, one needs to understand that a virus is actually not a cell but rather a fragment that carries either DNA or RNA strands. These strands are often protected in a viral envelope or capsule. Once the virus enters a target cell, it (MORE)