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What is the optimum distance between a ceiling fan blade and the ceiling for maximum air flow in the room?

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I've a 4 ft diameter ceiling fan with 3 blades of std width (about 3") hanging at a distance of 9" from the ceiling. Floor to ceiling distance is 8'5". Problem is that when I stand at a distance of about 3 to 4 feet from the centre of the fan - there is no air-flow. So, area covered by fan is 8 ft dia (max). If I stand beyond 8 ft dia circle there is hardly any air flow. Same fan in another room is hanging at a distance of about 12" to 13" and it's covering area 12 ft dia on the floor with a reasonable air-flow. It seems that there is some co-relation between height of fan from ceiling and area covered below it. Any idea? ceiling fan The distance from the ceiling is of little importance unless ceiling is very tall. Size of fan, width of blades makes the difference. Pitch of the blades The angle, or pitch, of each ceiling fan blade is also a determining factor in how efficient a ceiling fan will be. The angle of the blade affects the amount of wind resistance and the fan's ability to blow the circulated air downward. You can find more info on this website: http://www.ceiling-fan-wizard.com/ceiling-fan-blades.html
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