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Jazz music originated in the southern US and ragtime and blues are generally considered to be the two musical styles from which jazz arose. Both blues and ragtime became popular in the 1890s. When the public began to become tired of ragtime in the 1920s, ragtime was combined with blues to form a new style called "Dixieland jazz."

Ragtime music was played on piano with two hands, with the left hand playing a marching bass line, and with the right hand playing the melody. Ragtime songs introduced the syncopation ("ragged" melody) that characterized jazz, but usually did not have a section for improvisation, which is one of the main characteristics of a jazz composition. However, blues typically included improvisation. When band instruments (especially horns) began to play those ragtime songs and began to include sections reserved for improvisation, the result was Dixieland jazz, which had some of the most important characteristics of modern jazz: syncopated rhythm, improvisation, and horns.

Dixieland jazz split off into a subgenre called "swing" in the 1930s, which further split into a subgenre called "bebop" in the 1940s, which is when complicated chords began to be used, which gave jazz a unique sound not found in classical, pop, rock, or any other type of music. It is the characteristics of syncopated rhythm, improvisation, horns, and complicated chords that are some the main characteristics of modern jazz. Bebop is the standard jazz sound heard today, although jazz has continued to branch into subgenres that incorporate genres such as classical, rock, pop, electronica, and hip-hop.
New Orleans
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Where did jazz music originate?

No one knows but New Orleans is usually credited with being the birthplace of jazz. Jazz began in the United States and quickly spread through other countries. The music began in the black communities of the American south. Those who began the art form combined their musical heritage with the mus (MORE)

What is jazz music?

Jazz is a music genre that originated at the beginning of the 20th century, possibly earlier, within the African-American communities of the Southern United States. Its roots lie in the combining by African-Americans of certain European harmony and form elements, with their existing African-based mu (MORE)

What is the origin of the word jazz?

It began as a west coast slang tern, spelt 'Jass'. Referring to music in Chicago in 1915. The term was also used in the early 20th Century in African American comminities in the Southern United States relating to a mixture of African and European traditions

Where did bebop jazz originate?

Answer . Where? At Minton's in Harlem, under the guiding hands of a group of African American geniuses - Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk at the fore front. It developed in after hours jam sessions from musicians who were all experts in 'swing' but wanted to create something n (MORE)

When did jazz dancing originate?

Jazz is the name of the dance style that began in the 70's. It was a new movement that was popular in clubs. Although jazz music had been around much earlier, it wasnt until the 70's that studios began formalising the jazz steps and teaching them, today jazz had levels and grades, and is a recognise (MORE)

What is Improvisation in jazz music?

Improvisation in any music means that the band members are just simply playing whatever they want. It means they have never practiced the song. What they are doing is coming up with the music on the spot. It takes a lot of talent to do this. But, you have to know simply, what key the band is playing (MORE)

What is different between jazz and music?

Jazz is a type of music as far as I'm concerned. Although there are some comedians who would say the opposite. There are many types of music (classical, rock, reggae) and although the more contempory 'genres' tend to bleed into one another, most older forms (baroque etc) are named after a particular (MORE)

Why did jazz originate?

The musical style know as Jazz originated because some people founda different way to express their musical artistic abilities andtalents.

How was jazz originated?

Jazz was originated by African American traditions. Thesetraditions were learned and passed down through their familyhistories through slavery.

What is the original meaning of jazz chants?

Jazz chants are an educational tool used by ESL teachers to developtheir studentsâ?? speaking skills. This method was developed byCarolyn Graham after she realized how the natural rhythm of spokenAmerican English meshed well with the rhythm of jazz music.

Who made jazz music?

the jazz basketball team wanted to have some cool music for their team, so they came up with jazz music.

Why did Nazis ban jazz music?

Basically, Jazz music is "Negroid" music, Hitler banned all music composed by Jews, Black people or even anything that was too experimental, as we know he was very racist and anti semetic and used propoganda to prevent Germany being influences by anything non aryan. In 1938 he held the exhibition of (MORE)

What does jazz music sound like?

Jazz music can sound like a lot of things. Some good indicators include: . having bass, drums, piano, trumpet, trombone, and saxaphone, although nearly all instruments have been included in jazz at one point or another. . The bass line is all quarter notes and is scalar in nature. . There is (MORE)

Where was the jazz music started?

Jazz as a musical art form originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States , merging African and European musical traditions.. The word jazz began as a West Coast slang term of uncertain derivation around 1912, the meaning of which va (MORE)

What is the difference from jazz and blues music?

The difference between jazz and blues music is that the blues uses a minor 3rd and chromatic 4 to 5 and minor 7. People usually use it to express emotion, but it isn't always used for that. Jazz can be sad too, look up any ballad that is slow and find one with chord changes that are minor, this does (MORE)

Is jazz in pop music?

It can be Incorporated within Pop music such as Amy winehouse has 'Jazz' in her music, but she can be classed as pop.

How does jazz affect music?

well jazz was invented in the 1900s which used to be a word meaning music in Chicago. A lot of Cajun people love jazz. I'm Cajun so yeah that's how i know. Goggle it or go to wikipedia.org trust me you will find it there.

Is Jazz equals to popular music?

Believe it or not, jazz was mainstream "pop music" from the 1920's into the 1960's. Instead of Kanye West and Taylor Swift, they had Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday as famous pop stars. Whereas today it is usually a band or a solo vocalist that is popular, they had instrumentalists just as famous as (MORE)

When was jazz music developed?

Jazz is a music genre that originated at the beginning of the 20thcentury in African American communities in the Southern UnitedStates.

Jazz music was spread to the north by?

Jazz was originated by soulful blues sang by slaves working in cotton fields. When slavery was abolished, African Americans brought their "soul" to the north.

What is the musical characteristics of jazz music?

Improvisation, usually flat scales, and intricate drum rhythms. Key instruments include the saxophone, trumpet, Bass drums and often guitar usually with clean tones. Beginners jazz repertoire should include john Coltrane, miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius and sonny Rollins

With its original sound created from a variety of music styles jazz became?

Matter of fact what Feather , the Downbeat columnist described was big bands making the jazz, army , navy or airforce bands making jazz, the fields where working men in their work off minutes did as blues and what is the contemporary classical music in the new world ? With it we all said aloud It's (MORE)

When did cool jazz originate?

Jazz Music has been known as early as 1920's. It started as a result of exploration of the Afro-American musicians to the musical instruments of the Europe where its rendition was derived. Way back in the nineteenth century, New Orleans was said to be the initial point.

How is jazz music played?

Jazz music is played by great instruments such as as the saxophone, clarinet, coronet, trumpet, drums, piano, double bass and both tenor and trombone. Aside form that, bass or acoustic guitar, banjo, Congo drums and keyboard synthesizer play great Jazz music.

What does HOB in jazz music stand for?

Most likely, HOB stands for "House of Blues", a jazzfest-type organization out of New Orleans. Their website says: "The House of Blues is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of Southern Culture and African American artistic contributions to music and art." See below for further info: (MORE)

Are there two types of Jazz music?

There are many different types of jazz music, including swing, Dixieland, Latin, Bebop, funk, fusion, acid jazz, modal jazz and free jazz. If you are asking about jazz dance, there are indeed two types: traditional and modern.

What are the popular song of jazz music?

Autumn Leaves So What As time goes by On green dolphin street Blue moon Drummer Boy My Favorite Things Harvest Moon Take 5 That's just to name a few. Search for "jazz standards" to discover more.

What styles of music did jazz originate from?

Ragtime and blues are generally considered to be the two musical styles from which jazz arose. Both blues and ragtime became popular in the 1890s. When the public began to become tired of ragtime in the 1920s, ragtime was combined with blues to form a new style called "Dixieland jazz." Ragtime mu (MORE)

Is jazz good music?

That is completely opinion oriented. If your asking for a personal opinion mine would be that I do not like Jazz music.....at all. But some peoples opinions could be different such as some people think it could be inspiring and friendly.

How is jazz linked to reggae music?

There is no link other than the fact that they are both genres of music begun by the descendants of ex-slaves, jazz in the US and reggae in the West Indies.

Are violins used in jazz music?

Yes, of course. there have been many famous jazz violin players down the years, Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, Joe Venuti, Eddie South, Ray Nance, Svend Asmussen, Claude Williams, Jean Luc Ponty, Didier Lockwood, Michel Urbaniak, Regina Carter, Billy Bang to name some of the most important voices. (MORE)

What is the different types of jazz music?

New Orleans, Dixieland, revivalist, swing, main stream, bebop, hard bop, avant garde, free jazz, jazz/rock fusion, third stream (jazz/classical fusion), small group, big band.

What makes Jazz music jazz?

The spirit of spontaneous creation, of multiple musicians on a master level entering a metaphysical zone where the music seems to be playing them and they all know what the other musician will play before he plays it, and accompanies it accordingly

Why is chicogo important to jazz music?

Because, upon the enforced closure of Storyville in New Orleans, many jazz musicians were thrown out of work and they left town and headed to Chicago where there was still plenty of work for musicians to be found. King Oliver, one of the most famous New Orleans band leaders took his whole band later (MORE)

Is swing music a type of jazz?

Yes it is is. During the swing era, the large swing bands were the main source of entertainment for many people. At the weekends people would go out and dance to them and the popular bands had regular broadcasts that were eagerly listened to. Many great jazz musicians found regular employment in the (MORE)

Why is jazz music so important?

Jazz is considered important because its influence is deep and wide. Country, Western (no, they weren't always the same thing), Stage, Pop and Rock and Roll were all re-shaped by Jazz. It is considered one of the only art forms of American origins. (Comic Books and lesser known literary forms share (MORE)