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What is the origin of Scots word 'coupon' meaning face?

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It could be that it came from the Old French word "coupon", which, at one point in time, meant, "a portion that is cut off", or, "piece cut off". It could be that soldiers who were involved in sword battles came to refer to the heads of the enemy soldiers as "coupon", seeing as a widely accepted execution form was to cut off the person's head. This could have led to a person's face being refered to as a coupon. Note: This speculation is merely based on looking up the history of the word coupon, accompanied by an educated guess. Hope it somewhat helps anyway though!!

I am afraid the probable origin is a bit more prosaic and less romantic than this. It was usual around the Glasgow area for bus and tram tickets to be called coupons, especially if they allowed for multiple journeys. Each time a journey was made, the coupon had a hole punched in it by the conductor. The next most common thing to get "punched" around Glasgow was someones face. Hence coupon and face became synonymous.
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