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What is the origin of the idiom ' eleventh hour'?

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The Eleventh Hour - at the latest possible time Origin: This expression comes from the Bible. The 11th hour is the last hour before the ed of the world. In the Bible, the 11th hour was the last hour of sunlight with the 12th hour bringing darkness.
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Who are the characters in The Eleventh hour?

Elephant = Horace (Given in text) Rhino = Thomas (Given in text and name tag) Swan = Ingrid (found using card code and her cards) Pig = Oliver (Given in text) Mouse =

What is the giraffe's names in The Eleventh Hour?

  Giraffe twins = Cora (Given in text) is the one in pink and the other is Clarice (found using red bingo numbers in basic alphabet code (a=1), and relating it to the smal

In the eleventh hour who stole the feast?

Kilroy did it. he has over 100 relatives in the book. but if you wants to try to solve it, here is a clue, numbers = letters backwards like 1=z and 2=y and so on.

What does the idiom 'eleventh hour' mean?

  The eleventh hour: at the last possible time, just before the absolute deadline it means at the last minute possible
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Who is Kilroy in the eleventh hour?

the mouse who with his 111 family of mice stole all the food! if  you think about it, what that old story? who is and elephant scared  of? the mouse...