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What is the origin of the idiom ' eleventh hour'?

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The Eleventh Hour - at the latest possible time Origin: This expression comes from the Bible. The 11th hour is the last hour before the ed of the world. In the Bible, the 11th hour was the last hour of sunlight with the 12th hour bringing darkness.
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Where did idioms originate?

Wherever people spoke. People have made slang and idioms from the moment they invented language.

When did idioms originate?

idioms in general have no specific date in which they became in use, rather, one or two were in use from various areas of society- the Bible for one, then other idioms were fo

What is the moral of eleventh hour?

it means several things: one is a last ditch effort to try and get somethiing done, or to wait until the very last minute for something to happen, this is just an example.