What is the origin of the phrase up the whazoo?

The term is actually up the wazoo.
Wazoo being the slang for ass. IE: "he was up to the wazoo in money"
"she is hip deep in trouble" etc.

Whazoo on the other hand is a slang word for god
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What is origin of the phrase 'dressed to the nines'?

Although the general consensus to the origin of "Dressed to the Nines" is unknown; consider the meaning to be simply a reference of scale. " On a scale of one to ten; you are (MORE)

Where did the phrase you can do it originate?

1996 Summer Olympics when Kerri Strug was preparing to do a vault with a broken ankle, the camera flashed to her coach, Bela Karolyi shouting "You can do it!" With a Russian a (MORE)

What is the origin of the phrase wrestle up some grub?

This answer may be its 1st origin, but the phrase is RUSTLE up some grub, as cattle rustlers (thieves) Main Entry: 1rus·tle Pronunciation: \\ˈrə-səl\\ Function: verb Inf (MORE)