What is the origin of the word 'holiday'?

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Middle English, from Old English hāligdæg, from hālig holy + dæg day
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What does holiday mean and Where did it originate?

The word "Holiday" goes way back hundreds, (or thousands), of years. The word accually means, "Holy day" and meant times of religious celabration. Now it is commonly used as a (MORE)

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Quilts add warmth and color to your home. Making holiday-themed quilt projects will allow you to easily change the appearance of your rooms during the year, as well as incorpo (MORE)

Looking into the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah

Many different traditions feature holidays during December at the height of winter. These celebrations help to get people together during the meager winter months to renew the (MORE)

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What Are the Origins of Halloween?

Halloween, at least in the United States, is one of the few major holidays without any overt religious overtones. Instead, the focus of the day is on candy, costumes, and cele (MORE)

What does the idiom 'busman's holiday' originate from?

  Busman's Holiday - spending your free time doing the same thing you do during work   In London, during the late 1800's, buses were pulled by horses. Some bus driver (MORE)

What pagan holiday does Christmas originate from?

Yule is a pagan holiday that celebrates the return of the light or the Winter Solstice. Yule is celebrated around 21st of December, the longest night of the year. Christmas (MORE)
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Origin of the word HOLIDAY?

It derives from an Old English word Haligdaeg meaning, Holy+day or a religious festival and susequently a day of recreation
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