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Middle English, from Old English hāligdæg, from hālig holy + dæg day
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What does the idiom 'busman's holiday' originate from?

  Busman's Holiday - spending your free time doing the same thing you do during work   In London, during the late 1800's, buses were pulled by horses. Some bus driver

What does holiday mean and Where did it originate?

The word "Holiday" goes way back hundreds, (or thousands), of years. The word accually means, "Holy day" and meant times of religious celabration. Now it is commonly used as a

What pagan holiday does Christmas originate from?

Yule is a pagan holiday that celebrates the return of the light or the Winter Solstice. Yule is celebrated around 21st of December, the longest night of the year. Christmas

Where does the word HOLIDAY come from?

  Answer "Origin of Holiday"   The word 'Holiday' comes from "Holy Day" In ancient times these days were given to workers so they could go to church and worship. Late

What holiday was Jingle Bells originally written for?

A Secular Xmas (Christmas) song, written by James Pierpont  (1822-1893) which had the copyright title of "One Horse Open  Sleigh" back in 1857.    The song was origin

Where did national holidays originate?

  National Holidays     National holidays sprang from a need to memorialize a significant person or event in a contrys history, especially anything that creates a

Origin of the word HOLIDAY?

It derives from an Old English word Haligdaeg meaning, Holy+day or a religious festival and susequently a day of recreation

Which pagan holidays does Halloween originate from?

A combination of the Roman "Ferella" and "Pomona" holidays which honor the dead and fruit and flowers with "Samhain" from the Celtic harvest celebration that also thanked the

What is the American word for holiday?

Holiday. Isn't that simple? An additional answer: It depends on how you mean "holiday" as it is used in England. Christmas and Easter are holidays on either side of the Atlant

How did Christmas originate as the word for the holiday?

Christ"s Mass- Mass meaning a religious service. of course the Midnight Masses held on Christmas eve are entirely ( in Synch) with this tradition. Several other holidays, all

Is holiday a compound word?

No, a compound word is made up of two or more words.   The word 'day' is a valid word but 'holi' is not.   ------------------   If you consider the word's origins,