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A gymnasium, or gym for short, is a place to exercise. In Ancient Greece, a gymnasium was a training ground for men to exercise physically as well as to socialize and exercise their minds by engaging in philosophical discussion. When men would exercise in Ancient Greece, they would do so naked to honor the Gods for creating man's body. The Greek adjective for "naked" is "gymnos". The Greek verb gymnazien means "to exercise". When Latin and English developed, they took the Greek roots and came up with "gymnasion", which eventually became the modern English "gymnasium".
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How do you define the word 'gymnasium'?

A 'gymnasium' is: NOUN 1) a place in ancient Greece where the youths exercised naked 2) an auditorium for physical exercise and athletic games 3) a secondary school in

How is a gymnasium defined?

Here is how I define 'gymnasium': NOUN 1) an ancient Greek educational center with various areas for physical and intellectual development, especially areas for physical e