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"shoes and socks" I would assume.
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What are the parts of a shoe?

the parts of a shoe are the sole, the lace, the tongue, the actual shoe and the signature bit, normally seen as a lion or a weird type of tick on the side. some shoes can also

Origin of the phrase the cobbler's children have no shoes?

Origin unknown; however the essence of this phrase is used to describe the phenomenon where certain 'professionals' in any given area are so busy with work for their clients a

What does the phrase 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' mean?

  It means waiting for something bad to happen which you are expecting.   It comes from a famous music hall joke about a man who is woken by the drunk upstairs dropping

What are the shoe parts?

Quarter,side strip,Heel counter,toe cap,eyebrow, Tongue, Tongue binding,Foxing,Foxing stripe,laces,aglet and collar lining.

What is the English phrase 'wooden shoe' in Italian?

" Zoccolo " is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "wooden shoe." Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. It means "clog, sabot, wooden shoe." Its singu

What is the English phrase 'hot shoes' in Italian?

" Scarpe fighe " is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "hot shoes." Specifically, the feminine noun " scarpe " means "shoes." The feminine adjective " fighe " mean