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What is the overall conclusion of child labor?

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chea wizzz well child labor is a human rights issue and it should be stopped soon
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What is child labor?

  "Child labor" is, generally speaking, work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way (physically, mentally, morally, or by blocking access to education)

What is a child labor?

Child labor is the act of children working instead of receving education

Who does child labor?

Most countries in Asia do child labour, but there has been a few in Europe. Most countries have some form of child labor; some have more than others. Child labor occurs when a

Why was there child labor?

The question should be why is there child labour, as it still exists today.     Some causes of child exploitation are (but not limited to) poverty, lack of education,

What is the conclusion for child labor?

A rights-based approach which relies on laws and their enforcement is therefore insufficient in isolation from broader human development considerations. For example, authoriti

Why there is child labor?

it is frequently seen as occurring in impoverished countries, undeveloped countries, countries with high employment, or families with high dept or low income.

How does child labor affect the child?

Child labor is an abusive institution that may still exist in  economically poor societies or nations. Many times the child is  forced under punishment to work and in extrem

Is child labor child abuse?

If it takes place at a hazardous job site- say a srip mine, it is also endangering the welfare of a minor. this is one reason why you don"t see many kids in risky Carnival stu