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What is the overall effect on the pool and other people if people continuously urinate in swimming pool?

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Ewwww! First, it is gross to just think about it. When you swim, you get water in your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc. So there is a psychological effect, the person wouldn't swim knowing there is pee in the pool. So the ole "What you don't know, wont hurt you" applies to this subject. Physically? No effect at all unless the person peeing has hepititis or some other disease which spreads on contact from the urine. Just shower after swimming, you will be fine. Peeing in the pool will use up any free chlorine that is present and the pool will be unsanitary. There are several other communicable deseases that could be caught in an unsanitary pool or a pool with low chlorine levels. YUK.
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